Best Electric Razor in 2017 universal choosing guide


Do you have your style and all these treatments with hot towels you consider as old-fashioned . If you are also quite busy men who doesn’t have time to eat a good dinner and for sure you have a problem to organize time for everyday wet shaving. If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is understandable that the best choice for you is using Electric Shaver. Here’s a simple, universal guide of electric shavers, which will tell you the most important information needed to purchase the necessary equipment for every man. To gain more knowledge from other users we will provide for you the chart with best electric shavers available on market currently with customers rating.

Guide for best electric razors for men

ImageNamePriceTypeRating 0-5
Golarka Braun 7 090 BRAUN Series 7 790 CC ££££foil
Golarka Braun CoolTec CT4SBraun CT4S£££foil4.0
Golarka Philips RQ1175Philips RQ 1175

Panasonic ES-SL41£foil4.3
Golarka Remington XR1350Remington XR 1350 £££rotary4.1
Golarka Remington XR1350Panasonic ES-LA93 ££££rotary4.4

Philips HQ 6927£rotary4.2

Panasonic ESRT81££foil4.1

Philips RQ 1250££££rotary4.3
Remington F 5800£foil4.3
Golarka Braun 380Braun Series 380 W&D££foil4.0
Golarka Philips PT723Philips PT 720££rotary4.3

Philips AT890£££rotary4.2
Golarka Braun Series 5 090Braun Series 5090 cc££££foil4.3
Philips RQ 1295 SensoTouch 3DPhilips RQ 1295 SensoTouch 3D££££rotary4.4
Philips PowerTouch 860

Philips PT 860££rotary4.3
Golarka panasonic ESRW30
Panasonic ESRW30£foil3.4
Philips Aquatouch 750
Philips AT 750££rotary4.0
Braun Series 3 090
Braun Series 3 390 cc£££foil3.9
Golarka Remington F3800
Remington F3800£foil3.7
Braun series 340
Braun 3 340££foil4.3
Braun CoolTec2S
Braun CoolTec2S£££foil4.0
Golarka Remington 6130

Remington R6130£rotary3.9
Golarka Remington F7800
Remington F7800££foil4.2
Panasonic ES-RF41££rotary4.2
Remington R6150££rotary4.2
Remington R3150£rotary3.4

Types of electric shavers:

Electric shavers come in two main types: foil and rotary. We will not be arguing which one is better, because it will be as many opinions as users. Both types do for what they were designed in good way and decision depends only on personal preferences.

Electric razor type – Foil

Best Electric Razor - Foil Type

Based on the movements of the blades in one direction (left – right), over which you can find very thin mesh. The head has two or three long straight foil which covers cutting blades independently. Frequently the third razor does contain thin mesh. Shaving short and medium hair is the most proper work for these razors. Brands who specialize in this type of shaver are Braun, Panasonic and Remington.

Electric razor type – Rotary

Best electric Razor - rotary type

It’s characteristic because in most cases three blades shave for you. They are covered by the metallic sheath. The sheaths itself does not bend, but the panels react for rounding the face. This is definitely the type of shaving addressed to people who have more time, because you need to move shaver in circular way which significantly increases the time but also increase precision. Rotary Shaver was designed to best shave medium and long hair. These technologies are developing mainly by Philips and Remington.

Review best electric shavers available in 2017:

Electric Razor Braun Series 7Braun Series 7

Currently on market shines one kind of electric shaver. This is Braun Series 7. Those electric razors have many pros but the most important are blades which really allow having a perfect shave. It is also very helpful patented sonic technology, adapting power micro vibrations to the face. The blades are able to move at speed of 10 000 stroke per minute. The device has three modes of operation that should be used depending on the currently shaved parts of the face. Standard on high-end electric shavers is that whole construction is waterproof and has a pretty interested looking LCD. This machine is also wireless with about one hour charge can prepare Braun series 7 for 50 minutes of shaving. Another great thing is Clean and Renew system which is designed to clean, lubricates, recharge, dry and at the end give you lemon smell. Unfortunately, this device is not the cheapest one, in fact it’s one of the expensive in the market even though many customers believe it’s worth it.

Braun Series 7 790 cc - customer review 4.4 / 588%

Electric Shaver Philips Gyreoflex 3DPhilips SensoTouch 3D

Latest product of Philips Company is really one of the best rotary electric razor in the world. It’s really expensive one but again, it’s quite well prepared construction and for sure it is great investment for everybody who doesn’t want to buy another cheap electric razor where it’s not shaving at all. What give that result in that equipment? For sure charging and cleaning base station. Really it’s one of the best features in that device where you can quite fast charge and clean the shaver and really cut cost of out maintenance. Also Philips SensoTouch 3D look very cool and ergonomic it’s on good level. Another big pros is GyreFlex 3d head, where you can move whole head pivot and if you want also you can move each rotary blade independly. When we take all that pros and put it on one shaver you will receive SensoTouch 3D.

Philips SensoTouch 3D RQ 1280 - customer review 4.4 / 588%

Electric razor Panasonic Es-La93Panasonic ES-LA93

For sure that electric shaver could be represent the fastest electric razor in the world. Speed of 14 000 cycles per minute easily can shave all kinds of beard. Major factor is that machine have Cleaning station in the box. Where for using that cleaning station you don’t need to use alcohol and risk of evaporation is zero. When we are talking about cutting system we need to mention four bade foil system. That foil system give you really close shave even when you want to shave facial contours or tricky areas. The multi-flex pivoting head does the work pretty well. Battery is also one of the best possible. To charge you should spend only 45 minutes which will give you about 10 shaves. At the end we cannot forget about possibility of wet shaving with that product. For many people that characteristic will be very important because the sensitive skin obligate them to using wet shaving.

Panasonic ES-LA93 - customer review 4.4 / 588%

Cool-Shave- Philips-RQ-1175

Philips SensoTouch 2D

These razors are among the best on the market where the rotation system performs well. The work of Dutch engineers precisely adapts to the shape of your face and shaves extremely carefully. The main advantage of this shaver is very gentle shave where Gyro Flex 2D systems prevent from tugging or pulling. The materials used to create the device are of good quality and similar like products similar to Philips SensoTouch 2D charges battery for one hour should be enough power to 50 minutes shave. Beard trimmer must be installed extra and you can find in box with product. The majority opinion is consistent that the shaver is very good and it’s worth paying that price.

Philips SensoTouch 2D RQ 1175 - customer review 4.3 / 586%

Braun Series 5Electric Shavers BRaun Series 5

These electric razors are direct competition of Philips SensoTouch 2D. Differences in blades systems play a big role. The producer has applied in this model absorb system of blades. In fact, this system helps really when you take time to use with specific shaver head. These models are characteristic by little different foil than the lower series of Braun’s shavers, which makes shave faster. This product looks solid and really nice. Batteries need about an hour to fully chargé.

Braun Series 5 090 cc - customer review 4.3 / 586%

Electric shaver Philips PT 723Philips Norelco PT 720

Philips shaver PT720 is maybe not the best electric shaver, but they have one major asset “price”. Where we can get reasonable decent product for really low price. These devices may not be equipped with the latest technology, they don’t have also maneuver head or the blades but the basic elements are so well chosen and allow quite good shave.

Philips PT 723- customer review 4.3 / 586%

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