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What is the best shaving possible ?

Every days shave could be very frustrating for men’s who don’t like shaving or don’t like tools that they use. It should to be very pleasant work to do,  but sometimes when you cut yourself it’s really frustrating and annoying. The guilt is on the men’s beard hairs which they are really hard and unpredictable. Those hairs are growing in really different direction depends if they’re on the beard, neck or jaw. For decreasing that uncomfortable situation you could start with little pre-shaving or after-shaving. Many times we need only change the tools to achieve better quality of shaving, but sometimes the type of shave don’t suit us at all. In that time we need to look for best possible shaving type and chose the best.

Philips Gyroflex 3D Electric Shavers

Electric Shavers are the most popular way of shaving nowadays. Historically first patent was done in 1928 by Jacob Schick, but most work to create electric shaver was Remington Rand Corp. where first tool is coming from 1937. Biggest turning point was beginning of nineties where the electric shavers started to be more competitive with other types. From that time % of using those tools is increasing. Current shavers are one part tool where we can distinct plastic-rubber handle and oscillation or rotating blades, which are held behind metal screen with perforation. In that method we could specify two types of razors. Foil type where oscillating blades move from left to right and rotary type where cylindrical blades move in circular motion. Foil type is producing mostly by Braun, Panasonic and Remington where Rotary technology are done by Philips and Remington. For many years main disadvantage to safety or straight razors was quality of shaving. Nowadays distance between those types of shave is decreasing and many people are really quite happy with performance of electric shaving. It’s a fact that still you cannot achieve as close shaving, but other point is you are well protected from any injuries. Even at latest designs you are 100 % protected from any injuries. Electric Shavers also requires less time for shaving. If you are familiar with product you can shave yourself in max 2 minutes and receive quite good results. Also the maintenance cost is decreasing lately. From 5-6 years you could buy cleaning systems which protect you shaver from almost any malfunctions. Additional advantage is that many latest products give you choose if you want to have a wet shaving or dry shaving. Dry shaving should be rather considered by people with skins problem. Wet shave give your skin more pleasure and flexibility (in the shower).

Safety razor Safety Razor

It’s quite popular way of shave nowadays. After the nineties where safety razors lose their popularity, now that kind of shaving has many fans. It’s much safer than straight razor and from the second side it could shave you quite good as well. Safety razor is named in that way because, only a very slight edge on one edge can touch your skin where it’ almost impossible to cut deeply into your skin. These tools typically consist of permanent handle where could be produced from many materials and metal head where you put replaceable single razor blade. Blades are commonly named double-edge or DE blades. This kind of shaving requires very little sensitive touch to really effective work. When you are using these tools correctly you can avoid deeply injures or ingrown hairs. It’s less dependent on skill of person nevertheless it require practice at least few times to do it correctly. In terms time also that type of shaving have advantage on straight razor because only five minutes of shaving could do the work. If you will be practicing few times you could be an expert too.

Straight Razor Straight razor

That is the oldest and the sharpest tool for shaving. Straight razors sometimes named Cut Throat Razors were really popular in 1700 and 1800’s. They are providing really close shave but requires much more skill, maintenance and time in compare to others way of shave. For many peoples also it’s the most beautiful tool ever made and really when you have good old fashion straight razor it’s really nice. Another characteristic attribute is possibility for really close shave. From the other side you’re shaving with open razor and possibility of hurting itself is very big. As a result, it’ really important to go really slowly and take you time as much as you can when using Cut Throat Razors because their edges can hurt you in any depth into your skin. Mainly from that reason straight razors are rather dedicated for persons with big patience. Another quite important topic is maintenance of you razor. Since you can re-sharp you blade, you won’t ever be pushed to replace that blade, but the sharpening takes time and skill and if can’t manage you should go to professional. Before making that financial commitment best thing you need to do is get at least two straight razors shaves from Barber or men’ hair salon. After that shaves you can decides if you have the skill and time necessary to do it properly.

Cartridge razors Cartridge-systems razor

First difference between Cartridge razors to other is that replaceable plastic cartridge with usually 4 or 5 razors. Another thing worth to mention is handle where you can find it from producer usually plastic material or you can find it as high end with different types of wooden handle. These kind of shaving appeared in 1971 first time and next cartridge razors was very popular in United States . The biggest players like Gillette and Schick started to spent much amount of money to convincing men’s that system razor is better shaving method. Of course technology is changing and now in cartridge you can find at least 4 or 5 blades where at starting point was only max 2. From that fact price is going also up in and currently is most expensive type of shaving.


Disposable razor one timer Disposable razors

Disposable razors are cheapest in term of one product price, but when you want to count for period of time it appears that its really expensive or even maybe most expensive type of shaving. Often named one time use is consisting of one handle-head part. Always its plastic parts and razors are only part from metal. Cheapest disposable blades you can buy really for few pennies, but the quality of shaving will be bad for sure. Little better disposable blades have lubra stick and more blades where they are shaving little better, but not as comparable like cartridge or safety razors.


Firstly you need to try different types to achieve best shaving.

As you can clearly see you have many options to choose. We recommend to firstly trying as many types of shaving as you can. Maybe you will be fully confident with electric shaver, but maybe you would go another side and you will choose old fashioned beautiful straight razors. In your research please take in mind that it will take a time for the skin to adjust the new tool or a method. Few weeks should be enough to try and judge if it’s the best shaving method for you. However if you don’t want to invest easily money with un proper way of shaving please look at Coolshave.co.uk reviews, comparison chart or customers feedback to judge what will be ideal for You.

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