Babyliss 7235u Review – Smooth and Trouble-Free Grooming for Men

BaByliss for men 7235U is a compact grooming kit that allows seamless grooming and trimming via a professional grade rechargeable trimmer with titanium blade technology and 5 interchangeable cutting heads. Cutting edge technology is incorporated in the BaByliss for men 7235U so you can groom all over the face and body, with the turbo boost feature offering enhanced cutting power. It is a premium quality product that is handy, practical, and extremely efficient.

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7235u Babyliss – how is it placed as compared to competition?

Even though the 7235u Babyliss faces stiff competition in the UK and worldwide from some tough contenders, the groomer and trimmer has managed to hold its own, and sales have spiked thanks to its brilliant performance. The 7235u Babyliss is doing exceptionally well in the UK, although it enjoys great demand in other parts of the world too.

Biggest Pros and Cons of Babyliss 7235u Beard Trimmer Kit


Turbo boost

Get increased power at the touch of a button, so you can shave better than before.


Thorough grooming

Nose and ear trimmer for safe and easy removal of those unwanted, hard to reach hairs.


Fantastic technology

The precision trimmer is equipped with titanium blade technology for extreme precision and sharpness. There is a five-position comb guide and three jawline blending combs.


Easy to recharge

Charging and storing stand is included for you convenience. You will never face the issue of an uncharged trimmer again, thanks to the charging capability of the storage stand.


Sophisticated features

Some people feel the Babyliss 7235u 10-in-1 grooming system for men is slightly costly due to the sophisticated features.

Babyliss for men 7235u 10-in-1 titanium groomer – it is super effective!

The Babyliss for men 7235u 10-in-1 titanium groomer offers a variety of cutting lengths, while the taper control provides super fine cut adjustment. Grooming and trimming becomes hassle-free and less time-consuming. Take a look:

Five interchangeable heads

The Babyliss for men 7235u 10-in-1 titanium groomer has a total of 5 interchangeable heads including a precision trimmer with titanium blade technology, groomer, detail trimmer for creating lines and effects in the hair, nose and ear trimmer and foil shaver for the ideal finish.

Taper control for more accuracy

The taper control with three-position switch is situated at the rear of the handle that allows super-fine cut adjustment for precision trimming in tandem with the precision trimmer and body groomer heads. The trimmer is set to its shortest cutting length of 0.5 mm with the number three visible below the taper control switch.

Two five-position comb guides for customized lengths

There are a couple of five-position comb guides for cutting lengths from 3 mm to 15 mm with a gap of 3 mm intervals. One of these comb guides is for use with the precision trimmer head and the other is for use with the body groomer head. The longest setting should be utilized in the beginning till you master the usage. For shorter lengths, select the shorter position and go over the hair again to get the required cut.

Jawline blending combs for excellent finish

The precision beard trimmer is included with 3 different jawline blending combs of various length settings – 3 mm, 5 mm and 7 mm. If you require more than one cutting length, start with the longest length first. Use a smaller comb to blend in shorter lengths.

Quick trimming of nose and ear hair

The 10-in-1 Titanium Grooming system has a nose and ear hair attachment. Just insert the head into the nose and move trimmer in a circular motion. Please don’t g deeper than the entrance or it could cause serious injuries.

Babyliss 10 in 1 grooming kit 7235u – availability of spare parts

Babyliss 10 in 1 grooming kit 7235u comes with highly advanced spare parts such as the 5-position comb guide, body groomer, rotary trimmer, tramliner, precision trimmer, and so on. Even if they malfunction or you lose a small component, suitable replacements can be acquired in a jiffy. Spare parts are available in several stores in the UK, although it is advisable to order online as you can get lucrative discounts.

Babyliss for men 7235u 10-in-1 grooming system – what do customers say?

Babyliss for men 7235u 10-in-1 grooming system has displayed amazing performance and functionality, and the glowing reviews are proof that customers are pleased too. Not only have men used it for trimming and grooming, but women have bought it as a gift for their husband, boyfriend or fiancé!

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Babyliss 7235u customer reviews 3.9 / 5

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Summary for Babyliss for man 7235u review


We Like


Universal tool



We dont like

Not all features are good quality



Not all tools are usefull



When we compare price to quality it’s great Kit



Not best durability of all features

Customer Reviews


Some customers like it some note

Babyliss 7235u review – the conclusion

As is evident from Babyliss 7235u reviews, this grooming kit is just what you need as a vital part of your essentials case. A word of caution – please ensure the trimmer is cleaned after each use to maintain its superior performance. Just remove and wash the comb guides under running water before leaving them to dry thoroughly. The cutting head should be rinsed in the same way. Don’t forget to use the lubricating oil for the blades post-cleaning.

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