Babyliss For Men 7847U I Trim Stubble – Review

My Experience Using the Babyliss I Trim Stuble 7847u. When I bought the Babyliss I Trim Stuble 7847u. I had never used a stubble trimmer before, and my initial thought was that it was like all other shavers or trimmers, and I didn’t understand what all the hype was about. I was tired of shaving daily and wanted something that could work great for intermittent shaving.

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So I decided to purchase this product on a slim budget because I didn’t want to spend so much money on a product I had never used before, and just in case it didn’t work as advertised. I tried it and realized that I was very wrong – the Babyliss I Trim Stubble 7847u is so great! I can now shave off my stubble within a few minutes, leaving an even cut beard. Behind the I Trim is a dial that has 15 length adjustments, to help finely tune the trimmer. It also has a hinged elastic trim protector to shield the edges. It’s surprisingly simple to use, that you don’t really need the directives.

The directions on the manual stated that it should be charged for six to eight hours before use and should be used for approximately 40mins before re-charge. So I did just that, and I’ve used it over six times now and the battery still hasn’t run down. I’ll surely recommend the I Trim to my friends and family.

Most important Pros & Cons of the I Trim Stubble 7847u

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Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the I Trim Stubble 7847u trimmer makes it easy and comfortable to use




It is also cordless for easy mobility


Fast and Easy Cleaning

It is also washable and easy to clean.


Quality of cage over the blades

Veary easy to push button On and Off several times in one trimming

How great was it shaving with the Babyliss for Men 7847u Trimmer?

Making the BaByliss for Men 7847u Trimmer your preferred choice of stubble trimmer is a great decision. This model is a great trimmer because it gives you the flexibility to shave and lets you style your facial hair just by turning a dial with 30 varying trimming lengths. It was designed to work directly to a wall socket, or with rechargeable batteries. The BaByliss for Men 7847u trimmer is versatile for use because if you want more range of movement, you can simply charge the battery and use it as a cordless trimmer.

What other shavers are better than the Babyliss 7847u I – Trim?

There are some shavers and trimmers that claim to provide more features than the I – Trim. However, the Babyliss 7847u I – Trim was designed with end users in mind and offers plenty of features that far surpass those of its competitors. With Electro chemically formed edges that are super sharp, remember that the shaving efficiency of any stubble trimmer is just as good as the blades on it. The Babyliss 7847u I – Trim was also designed with lightweight materials that are durable and yet highly functional.

Is the Babyliss 7847u spares and charger available in the UK?

The Babyliss 7847u spares and charger do not come with I – Trim accessories just like the mustache and beard combs. However, one can choose to buy suitable add-ons separately. These spare parts and accessories are available online in the UK from several retailers at bargain prices.

What do customers think of the Babyliss for Men 7847u I – Trim Stubble Trimmer?

Most buyers that have used the Babyliss for Men 7847u I – Trim Stubble Trimmer talk well of the product. A lot of these customer reviews point out the positive sides of the I – Trim. Some say that its soft buzzing motor allows them to have a dialogue with other people while shaving, and others complement its ease of use. Some negative reviews say that the I – Trim is fragile. However, fragility is most times dependent on how a product is used. If you abide by the instructions in the manual, maintain the product and not drop it, the product will definitely last longer.

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Babyliss 7847u i-trim customer reviews 3.7 / 5

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Summary for Babyliss for men 7847U review


We Like


Very easy to clean



We dont like

Quality of production



Ok quality of shaving, trimming



Very afforable



Easy to clean but sometimes breakdowns

Customer Reviews


Popular product in very nice price

Conclusion about the Babyliss 7847u model

The Babyliss 7847u is the ultimate in stubble management, I – Trim was created to give you that look you desire every day, kudos to its superior technology and unparalleled new features. The Babyliss 7847u 30 ultra-precise length settings can automatically adjust the comb guide, providing you with a range of beard lengths based on your preference. The I – Trim traces the curves of your face for full control and advanced precision. If you plan to keep a long stubble, short shadow, or a well-groomed beard, the Babyliss 7847u will help you maintain your facial hair in many ways. This product is overall a great value shaver and trimmer because of its flexibility, ease of use and a long list of other features.

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