Babyliss Super Stubble 7898u Review – Super Generation

The Babyliss for Men Super Stubble 7898u has 24 ultra-exact length settings that will let the user keep their desired facial hairstyle looking good at all times. If you want to have a look like a short and shadowy look, or perhaps a longer and stubble look or maybe a short bear, the only tool that can help you is the Babyliss for Men Super Stubble. The length of motorized control will provide you mega precise adjustment ranging from 0.4mm shadow in order for you to get an excellent and precise look that you wish for.

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Babyliss for Men Super Stubble 7898u – Why is it so popular?

The popularity of Babyliss has been known worldwide and this is because it is a company particularly a UK manufacturer that specializes in home styling accessories at the same time they provide three several models of bread trimmers and stubble. With a range of 60 pounds, you can have the Babyliss for Men Super Stubble 7898u that has an average price that you will supposed to be expensive but it is not. It is in fact in its clever cost of technology and perhaps it positively values more research. The reason why the Babyliss for Men super Stubble is popular for the reason that the company is known to create high quality of products at the same time they have a wide range of excellent hair products and tools as well.

Biggest Pros and Cons of Babyliss for Men Super Stubble 7898u


Lithium Ion Technology Power

This allow the tool to have a more consistent and longer charge time.


100% Waterproof

Now, you don’t to worry if you it will get wet because it has its feature of waterproof to allow the user to make use of it when they are in the shower. In addition, it will make easy for them to clean and rinse it by simple rinsing it on the bathroom sink.


Quick Charge feature

This allow the user to use the product for a minimum of one trim after the five minutes.


Pain free for sensitive skin

This product will give you the best shaving experience that you haven face before.


Creates strange noises

Some of the user of the Babyliss for Men Super Stubble 7898u said ii at all times creates strange sounds whenever they used it.


No travel case

Given that there were some men that really love to travel, they find it disappointing not to have a soft case or cover to safeguard whenever it is inside their bag.


No power socket

It doesn’t permit the user to have the freedom to charge it directly into the stubble. Thus, the user will need to bring the charging stand.

Shaving quality of Babyliss Lithium Super Stubble Trimmer

The Super Stubble has a highly developed floating contouring head, which tracks the curves to the face of the user for excellent control and comfort as well. It is improved by lithium ion technology to have a more reliable coreless use. At the same time, it is 100% waterproof, it will be hassle free to the user to clean it.

Many men found out that the Babyliss for Men Super Stubble 7898u do pretty good and they found it more easy and simple to use. The floating contour head move smoothly across the beard as well as the motorized length control keeps the evenness as it trims.

Customer Feedbacks on Babyliss for Men 7898u Lithium Super Stubble Trimmer

The customer review for Babyliss for Men Super Stubble 7898u was tremendously positive over all. The majority of the men who used the product were satisfied with its features and functions at the same time they were engaged with the power source of Lithium Ion as well as the length of time it can charge even though there were some customers that did not like the tool and complained to the features it have.

You will find more compliments of the product for the reason that it has a flawless style of trimming. It has elegant and sleek design that at all times a nice touch however it has not much affect on the usefulness of the Super Stubble. Another aspect that concerns the entire user is that it doesn’t have any travel case. The fact that it is important concern of many, given that it is very important if you are traveling for work, it will be better if they will provide an upgrade that will contain a case to safeguard the trimmer against dirt and dust.

The Babyliss for Men Super Stubble 7898u requires 90 minutes recharging time. This provides the user an hour of battery life of the product. Some of the reviews tell that the battery works very well, as what advertised at the same time it also holds the charge for a range of four weeks. Near all was pleased with the performance of the LCD display that compare to other models it allow the user to recognize how much amount of battery is left.

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Babyliss 7898u customer reviews 4.1 / 5

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Summary for Babyliss 7898u stubble trimmer review


We Like


Fast charge 

Quality of shaving/trimming



We dont like

No travel case



Top level product



Price is really ok



Very hard to break\destroy

Customer Reviews


Good performance price/quality

Babyliss Super Stubble 7898u – Conclusion

In general, no one can deny that Babyliss for Men Super Stubble 7898u is really worth spending for. Its features, battery life and performance outperform most brands of shaving tools in the market. The fact that it is waterproof makes the Babyliss is the right tool for you. Surely, it will provide you good quality and sufficient features you’ve never thought possible.

It is true that when we are searching for any particular products, we always consider two factors – quality and affordability. We may either prefer an item that will really work and fit for what it is expected of or a product that would suit our budget. When it comes to shaving tools, Babyliss Super Stubble 7898u is the product that meets all standards. Hundreds of thousands of men have proven how incredible this product is. You can be one of them too. Learn more about this top quality and budget-friendly shaving product and see how awesome it is.

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