Bald Eagle Shaver Review

There are everyday shaving appliances that are produced by world’s leading electric appliance manufacturers. They sport the latest innovative technology they possess, in an attempt to get hold of an ever so expanding market for shavers and trimmers, which caters to the busy lifestyle that’s led by most of the world population. Then there are people with specific needs , who are in search of a perfect solution to get their needs satisfied. With balding becoming a common natural occurrence among modern day men, the Bald Eagle Smart Shaver stands as a product that might cater exactly to what they have in mind.

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General Feelings about Bald Eagle Smart – technology and quality of product

Bald Eagle Smart shaver comes especially for bald people and the shaver therefore, is equipped to cater to their needs. The manufacturer has packed its patented technology to make the shaver have an extra reach towards the back of the head, legs and body without inconvenience. The large swirling shaver head that contains five rotary cutters make rapid shaving in a large area with accuracy. The device is made to be rinsed and cleaned with ease after use. A shaver that comes up with a good build quality , it offers dry or wet shaving that doesn’t require the use of shaving gel. Skull Shaver has paid good attention into the Bald Eagle Smart shaver to make sure that the thin heads make automatic adjustments into the curves of the skull, to give a safe and sharp shaving experience.

Pros and cons Bald Eagle head shaver


Great design

The shaver is manufactured in a way that it feels comfortable on the hand with easy manoeuvrability into the parts that are difficult to access in your body. Both forehand glide shaving and backhand glide shaving are made possible with the Bald Eagle head shaver , manufactured by Skull Shaver.


Double super thin heads

The heads of the shaver which are intended to target a large area at once ,are razor sharp and give a shave that’s void of cuts or burns. Most importantly, it adjusts according to the surface that it’s placed on , which is a handy feature when it comes to shaving somewhere like the skull. The double super thin heads are also responsible for a faster shaving, which would save some vital minutes for the busy citizen.


Cordless use

Bald Eagle Smart shaver enables you to shave cordlessly, which is valued highly when it comes to the ease it provides with portability.


Easy cleaning

With electric shavers, cleaning may become a bigger hassle than shaving. However, Bald Eagle Smart shaver can be rinsed and cleaned within two minutes , without even having to open the shaver heads.


Good battery life

The Li-Ion battery of the shaver is capable of holding up for 90 minutes, which means it would comfortably last for a while, without requiring a recharge. The feature is ideal for travellers, who can’t rely on an electric shaver that needs to be plugged in every now and then.


Strange noise

The noise that comes out of the shaver could sound a bit strange to the everyday consumer. This is usually caused by the improper connection between the shaver head and the drive socket collar. Once you make them connect well, you are likely to notice that the strange sound is no more.

Quality of shaving and trimming with Bald Eagle skull shaver

The shaving experience doesn’t get major complaints. The overall product is intended to cater to the busy everyday man who doesn’t want to be bothered too much about taking great care of the electric appliance. The product compliments itself with the easy to use design, that’s rotatable to reach the harder parts of the body with speed, and the shaving experience could be as good as a quality shaver could get. However, it’s important to keep in mind that an electric shaver doesn’t shave as closely to the surface as a normal razor would. But a shaver that’ comes from a prestigious company with patented technology can be expected to deliver as good as a high end shaver would.

In What areas Skull Shaver Bald Eagle is better than its biggest competitors

Best choice for the bald man

John Lyles – The founder of Skull Shaver himself is a bald person. The idea of creating the perfect shaver crossed his mind probably because he himself wasn’t satisfied with the choices he had on the market. That’s why this unique Bald Eagle shaver which is made specifically with bald men in mind stands out above the high end shavers that are available to purchase on the market.

Ideally made for full shaving

Skull Shaver differentiates itself from the rest of the competitors in its bid to produce the ultimate full shaver. The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle therefore, is not known for half measures. The painless and efficient scalp hair removal makes the device stand apart.

Patented design doesn’t leave a mess

Scalp hair removing could be tricky if your electric shaver is not capable of reaching to the hard-to-reach parts of your head. With the patented design of the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle, shaving on the back of the body gets more convenient.

Customer reviews on Bald Eagle shaver in UK

The shaver which is ideal for bald men who want to keep things simple, is fast becoming a favourite product even among women ,as a good means of body hair removal. The smooth and sharp cutting faces will get the shaving done without a hassle , and Skull Shaver has made a prestige of conveying everyday shavers for practical people who don’t want to spend a lifetime on shaving in the morning.

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Bald Eagle Smart Shaver customer reviews 4.5 / 5

Summary for Bald Eagle Skull Shaver


We Like

Long lasting

It can be use by bald and also like a normal shaver

Great Design


We dont like

Annoying noise



It’s great look at customers reviews



Quite expensive but universality need to be costly



Quite durable product, few times fallo on the ground and nothing happened

Customer Reviews


No comments only look at customer reviews

General conclusion about Bald Eagle shaver

For a shaver that’s manufactured with a clear target group in mind, the Bald Eagle shaver has managed to upkeep its reputation as bald-man-friendly. The attention to detail has made the product worth its pricetag. Good online reviews that are upheld by a good customer service would mean that Skull Shaver has introduced a competitive shaver to the market with smooth performance, as well as pro- travel features.

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