Best Beard Trimmer in 2019 – reviews

How to choose best beard trimmer

Some men want from their face to always been perfectly smooth, while others are in favor of a smaller or larger beard. Second option does not mean that they may decide to not cutting his beard. Sometimes it turns out that proper care is in this case even more complicated, because proper cutting beard may cause some difficulties. Please note that the beard has a chance to look themselves well only when you cut it by appropriate tools. That’s why all the men who are interested in having a nice beard, should obtain a good beard trimmer. To gain proper knowledge we will provide you the table with the best beard trimmers available in 2020 and we will give you some necessary information about these tools and last but not least we will give to you few selected by us beard trimmer reviews.

PictureNamePriceFeaturesCustomer reviews 0-5
Philips Beardtrimmer series 7000 bt 7085
Philips BT 7085/32
£££Vacum, self lubricating4.6
Panasonic ER-GB40
Panasonic ER-GB40
££Water resistant, Ergonomic design4.3
 Philips BT5260Philips Beardtrimmer BT 5260£££Water resistant, Cordless, Good precision4.5
Beardseries 9000 BT9290
Philips Beardtrimmer BT 9280
££££Laser guided, good precise, Cordless4.3
BEard Trimmer Wahl 9916
Wahl 9916
£Very fast recharge, Cordless, Hair trimmer3.9
Trymer do brody Grundig mt 5531
Grundig MT 5531
££Hair cut tool - trimmer to noose ane ears4.2
Remington MB320C
£Ceramic blades, Cordless4.4
 Beard trimmer 3000 qt4000
Philips Beardtrimmer QT4013
££Many lenghts, Cordless, titanium blades 4.3

Remington MB6550£££Vacum, titanium blades, Fast rechargable, many extra features4.0
Maszynka do brody Braun Crezer series 6
Braun Cruzer Series 6 Beard & Head
£££Hair cut tool, Water resistant, Very precise4.5
Trymer Braun BT 7050
Braun Series 7000 BT 7050
£££Water resistant, Hair cut tool, Cordless4.6
Wahl 9854
Wahl 9854
£Hair cut tool, Fast recharge, Trimmer for noose and ear3.9
Babyliss 7056CU
Babyliss 7056CU
£Many extrafeatures, Hair, Ear, Noose trimmer included, multifunctional device3.8
Philips QT4090
Philips QT4090
££££Vacum, Maintenance free blades, Fast recharge, Cordless, Very precise4.0

What is a beard trimmer?

It is an electric tool that allows you to control the length of the hair. Differs from the normal electric shaver first and foremost that does not remove the hairs close to the skin, and allows independent adjustment of cutting length. This is possible by suitable design, which allows you to choose for themselves the correct level of cut. Users are ensured full flexibility in terms of styling your beard. Mens beard trimmer is an invention of the twentieth century. Continuous upgrading of these facilities made available now models offer much greater convenience than those that have been used a few decades ago. There is no doubt that the appearance of the trimmers made much easier daily functioning of the men who are in favor of an elegant beard. Currently, this type of device can be found in the assortment of many companies that manufacture home appliances for personal care. Users have therefore guaranteed a great selection. Beard trimmers are a devices that can be AC power supply, battery or AC and battery. However, most important is that every mens beard trimmer should be very precise to allow facial hair style according to your preferences. Beard trimmers reminds little bit hair cutting tools, but has a narrower blade and as a result provides much higher accuracy. Changing the length of the cut is possible by using additional clippers (which is included in the box) or the built-in system of regulation. The number of available cutting length is one of the main differences between the various models of devices. A large number of levels simplifies the execution of a perfect goatee or sideburns for example, as well as maintaining a three-day beard (which wishes to have a lot of men).

Beard trimmer or multifunctional device is better for your purposes?

Some of the trimmers also have other attachments, so that the trimmer can be used for example for removing hair from the ears and nose. This is a very good solution for people who like multifunction devices. Some of those now available tools combing the features of a mens beard trimmer and cutting device remaining parts of the body. It can therefore be used as a device for cutting hair on your head or removing hair from the chest or armpits. Another important difference is the way the power already mentioned. Many of the best beard trimmer power supply only works when it is connected to an electricity network. Rechargeable mens beard trimmers should, however, be connected to a power supply only once in a while to charge inside the battery pack. Power supply by network tools is particularly recommended for men who intend to use the device at home, while traveling masters often recommend a mens beard trimmer which can be powered by battery or best thing network and battery. The charging time and the subsequent working time may vary depending on unit used in the battery. In some cases, the maximum running time is 30 minutes, and in others up to three times more. Similarly to the case of other shavers will also play an important role the blades are fitted to each device. Most often they are made of stainless steel or ceramic, so keep good condition for a long time. Currently, you can purchase a beard trimmers that has a self-sharpening blades during working. It provides the user a great convenience because there is no need sharpening by themselves.

Best Beard Trimmer in UK

Best beard trimmer available in UK – Pointers to keep in mind while choosing the trimmer suitable for you

A beard which is unevenly grown looks untidy, and so it needs to be trimmed to give a neater look. Men have limited styling choices, and beard-trimming is one among them, enabling a perfect maintenance of facial hair. But selecting the best beard trimmer (UK) is a task easier said than done. There are so many varieties in the market that you need to consider a number of factors before going ahead with the purchase.

Electric beard trimmer – what are the features to look for?

One of the great tools to come around for men is the electric beard trimmer. The device makes it so much easier to trim and cut your beard without the need of a scissor. These trimmers will help you to shape and maintain your beard in just the right proportion. Most of the hair trimmers on the market today come with various attachments that are suitable for different types of facial hair. Many of these trimmers are able to achieve a very close trim to impart a designer stubble. A built-in vacuum facility ensures that a trimming process is neat, with no hair falling around. Facial structures are unique so you need to test the different blades and attachments to see what will work for you.

Rechargeable beard trimmers – how to select on basis of battery power

It is also recommended that you check if beard trimmer has the option to use batteries, apart from chargers. The period for which a full charge lasts, plus the battery life are other main factors to be considered. A battery-operated option helps you to carry the beard trimmer along with you while travelling. They are compact in structure and conveniently fit into a travel case. Rechargeable beard trimmers nowadays mostly use lithium-ion batteries that guarantee a certain number of cycles, depending upon the brand.

Cordless beard trimmer – why select the cordless version?

Cordless beard trimmer allows handy trimming anywhere once the battery is charged. This feature makes it all the more portable, so you can trim in your car or motel room while traveling. You have better freedom of movement when trimming your beard because you don’t need to have a mirror near the outlet or worry about the cord getting tangled or pushing things off the counter in a crowded bathroom. However, the corded ones are usually more durable and tend to last longer than cordless ones in terms of battery life.

Waterproof beard trimmers – a highly useful feature in these gadgets

There are so many brands in the market right now, but not all of them sell waterproof beard trimmers. In fact, most electric trimmers aren’t waterproof so you are strongly advised to keep it away from water. However, a few are waterproof and specifically designed so you can use them in the bathtub or under the shower. Needless to say, waterproof beard trimmers are priced slightly higher than standard ones.

Best Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmers – what is the importance of quality of blades?

The precision of blades is essential for sensitive skin. While buying beard trimmers (UK), you need to ensure that the quality of blades is first-rate – it should resist rust and corrosive deposits on the surface, while maintaining its sharpness for a long time. Stainless steel blades are a good option as are those made of titanium, as both have the necessary qualities, which is why they are widely used in beard trimmers .

Good beard trimmers – ergonomic shape plays a vital role

What happens if the trimmer slips while you are using it? You could end up with injuries and/or a poorly trimmed beard. Good beard trimmers are ergonomically designed for a comfortable and secure grip and ease of usage. It becomes easier to hold the trimmer without exerting excess pressure on fingers and palm – good beard trimmers are designed to make the task more convenient and quick. The position of the operating switches is also important, because awkwardly positioned ones will not offer a good trimming experience. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the buttons will not hinder your shaving or trimming. In spite of all the great features, if the beard trimmer feels too heavy, then it won’t be a good option. A lightweight trimmer is the feasible options in such cases.

Beard trimmer sale – how does price come into play?

Price is a crucial factor while looking at a beard trimmer sale. The right trimmer will do a good job at an affordable price, but the rate can’t be the only determining factor – the device needs to have functional excellence too. It must have changeable beard lengths, with a selection to remember the speed, shape and length of your preference.

Best beard trimmers in 2018 – how technologically advanced are they?

We have come a long way when it comes to technology, and the best beard trimmers in 2018 are the best proof of that claim. Cordless trimmers are being frequently used by those who travel a lot, but corded versions are popular as well – the work using the concept of oscillating razor blades, but are electrically powered. The best beard trimmers feature different length settings for a customized trim just the way you want. Other factors include ergonomic grip, light weight, and turbo boost for controlled trimming.


Customers reviews of Philips QT4050

Philips Qt4050 one of the nicest Beard trimmer for sale in UK, which is an affordable and handy product

Working comfort trimmer is also dependent on its other features, as you can see, paying attention to several of the best devices on the market. Due to the positive feedback from current users, these trimmers deserve special attention.

Another Beard trimmer available in UK is Panasonic ER-GB80-S

The Panasonic ER-GB80-S is a men’s all-in-one beard trimmer (UK) having adjustable trim settings and 3 comb attachments for precision trimming in order to maintain your individual look and style at home and on the go. The blades are ultra-sharp, durable, and honed for an acute 45º for quick and effective beard, hair and moustache maintenance. There is a whopping 39 personalized trim settings on the rubberized, ergonomic handle, while the hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades are crafted for those with sensitive skin. You can trim sideburns and moustaches as well using the slide-up trimmer. This beard trimmer (UK) is easy to maintain with a 100% washable design that can be cleaned in seconds under running water.


Customer reviews of Panasonic ER-GB 40


Customer Reviews of Wahl Lithium Stainless Steel

Beard trimmer reviews – Wahl Lithium Stainless Steel 4 in 1 Grooming Station is a complete package

Beard trimmer reviews say that the Wahl Lithium Stainless Steel 4 in 1 Grooming Station is a great combination of power, quality, and sturdiness. You have more power that is double the torque in most of its counterparts, excellent design, and unrivalled lithium-ion battery where an hour of charging gives 4 hours of cordless run time. There are 8 clipper attachment combs for hair cuts offering lengths from 3 mm to 25 mm, an adjustable six position trimmer guide comb for 2 mm to 12 mm lengths and three close trim attachments providing cutting lengths of 3 mm, 6 mm and 9 mm.

A very good option is buying one of the best beard trimmer Braun BT 7050 Series device

Note that this device was designed for trimming beards and also hair styling. It have up to 12 length settings, making it easier to obtain a suitable result. Caps are equipped with a locking system, so you can easily set the appropriate cutting length and do not worry about the fact that the accidentally will be changed. Was used here also a dual battery system that provides plenty of power, and thereby easier to work. After an hour of charging the battery, it is possible to fourty minutes shave. Beard trimmers branded Braun Series 7 have a control LED, which indicates the battery status and, if necessary, indication to the power supply connect. Used here smart plug plug automatically adjusts to any voltage in each country, so users do not complain about the problems during the trip. Moreover, the set includes a comfortable base for charging. To finalise that beard trimmer reviews we need to mention that these tools can be washed under running water, which helps maintain cleanliness. It is a trimmer at an average price, which received excellent reviews of current users. They underline the possibility of easy styling according to your preferences, smooth operation and durability of the device.


Customer reviews of Braun BT 7050


Customer Reviews of Philips 9280

Within the best beard trimmer reviews we can for sure mention Philips BT9280

This is also on of the best beard trimmer, which provides excellent precision, mainly due to laser used in the nozzle. The system displays a line of laser light, which helps determine the line before beard have been cut. During operation the user can see where the hair will be cut, so you will not make mistakes which result is not to look pretty beard. An important advantage is the precision of this device. Proposed by the brand Philips tool is adjustable cutting length of 0.2 millimeters. Additionally, the razor provides the ability to lock the current setting. Used here is two-sided trimmer. On the one side a width of 32 mm, while the second side 15. In that tool you can find steel, self-sharpening blades with rounded endings to prevent skin irritation. The device is waterproof and has a LED display. After one hour, the battery charging is possible sixty minutes of work. Beard trimmers “Beardtrimmer 9000 Series” gained a very good score among users who notice mainly to the ease and precision of cutting. That device allows quick styling beard and more it is quiet, efficient and elegant. Only disadvantage is the price. It is in fact that the product is higher price category, which is understandable because of its innovation.

The basis for the selection best beard trimmer in 2020 should be quality and functionality

Best beard trimmer should first and foremost be capable of styling facial hair according preferences the specific man. For this reason, it is worth to decide on the devices, which stand out in terms number of available cutting length. You should also pay attention to the quality of the blades because they are the ones which have a huge impact on the quality of cutting and comfort, at the same time the durable of the unit. This does not mean that a good beard trimmers has to be expensive. Best prove are some of the above-mentioned devices, which despite its low price that gained special recognition among users.

The top beard trimmer will help you to shorten your goatee or beard adequately, and give a smart look. After a good analysis of the various features offered by beard trimmers, you can make a wise choice, according to your requirements, features and budget. Several reputed brands can be found out there, which offer a good value for money. While shopping you should also take into account the opinions of existing users, beard trimmer reviews can give you a good knowledge ,which indicate whether a tool is as good as it provides the manufacturer, and thereby whether it is the right choice.

Best Beard Trimmer in 2019 – reviews
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