Best Electric Razor in 2019 universal choosing guide


Do you have your style and all these treatments with hot towels you consider as old-fashioned . If you are also quite busy men who doesn’t have time to eat a good dinner and for sure you have a problem to organize time for everyday wet shaving. If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is understandable that the best choice for you is using Electric Shaver. Here’s a simple, universal guide of electric shavers, which will tell you the most important information needed to purchase the necessary equipment for every man. To gain more knowledge from other users we will provide for you the chart with best electric shavers available on market currently with customers rating.

List for best electric razors for men in 2020 year

ImageNamePriceTypeRating 0-5
Golarka Braun 7 090 BRAUN Series 7 790 CC ££££foil
Golarka Braun CoolTec CT4SBraun CT4S£££foil4.0
Golarka Philips RQ1175Philips RQ 1175

Panasonic ES-SL41£foil4.3
Golarka Remington XR1350Remington XR 1350 £££rotary4.1
Golarka Remington XR1350Panasonic ES-LA93 ££££rotary4.4

Philips HQ 6927£rotary4.2

Panasonic ESRT81££foil4.1

Philips RQ 1250££££rotary4.3
Remington F 5800£foil4.3
Braun Series 380 W&D££foil4.0
Golarka Philips PT723Philips PT 720££rotary4.3

Philips AT890£££rotary4.2
Golarka Braun Series 5 090Braun Series 5090 cc££££foil4.3
Philips RQ 1295 SensoTouch 3DPhilips RQ 1295 SensoTouch 3D££££rotary4.4
Philips PowerTouch 860

Philips PT 860££rotary4.3
Golarka panasonic ESRW30
Panasonic ESRW30£foil3.4
Philips Aquatouch 750
Philips AT 750££rotary4.0
Braun Series 3 090
Braun Series 3 390 cc£££foil3.9
Golarka Remington F3800
Remington F3800£foil3.7
Braun series 340
Braun 3 340££foil4.3
Braun CoolTec2S
Braun CoolTec2S£££foil4.0
Golarka Remington 6130

Remington R6130£rotary3.9
Golarka Remington F7800
Remington F7800££foil4.2
Panasonic ES-RF41££rotary4.2
Remington R6150££rotary4.2
Remington R3150£rotary3.4
Best Electric Razor in 2019 universal choosing guide
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