Best Safety Razor in 2019 – why it’s important

We are choosing best safety Razor

Nowaday men’s have a choice of different methods for shaving unwanted hairs. According too many people the best electric razor will be shaving by the safety razor. After reviewing the current 2020 year offer, we can see that the number of available proposals are very impressive. These devices have differences in many important characteristics and those dependencies are quite important when you are trying chose best safety razor. To gain more knowledge about the topic and we will provide for you the table-chart with best safety razor available in UK with customers rating.

PicsNameTypePriceAggresion levelCustomer review 0-5 

Muhle R89Three pieces, closed comb£Low4.8Check Price
Merkur 34C
Merkur 34C HDTwo pieces, closed comb£Medium4.6Check Price

Muhle R106Three pieces, closed comb£Low4.4Check Price

Jagen David E01Two pieces, closed comb£Medium4.7Check Price
Edwin Jagger DE 86BL

Edwin Jagger DE86BLThree pieces, closed comb£Low4.6Check Price
Muhle R220 RYTMO
Parker 22R Long HandleButterfly, closed comb£Low4.3Check Price
Maszynka do golenia Edwin Jagger DE89BLEdwin Jagger DE89BLThree pieces, closed comb£Low4.7Check Price
Merkur Futur Gold
Merkur FuturTwo pieces , closed comb, regulated££Low4.4Check Price
Merkur Futur Gold
Parker 99R Heavy DutyButterfly, closed comb, regulated£Medium
4.3Check Price
Merkur Vision
Merkur VisionButterfly, closed comb, regulated£££Medium
4.2Check Price
Merkur Vision
Merkur 23C Long HandleThree pieces, closed comb£Medium
4.3Check Price
Merkur 39C
Merkur 39CTwo pieces, asymmetric slant££Aggresive4.7Check Price

What is the safety razor ?

That date, which is considered birth of these tools is 1870. Probably two men’s named Frederic and Otto Kampfe from New York in the USA invented that beautiful design. Firstly safety razor was of course single-edge was attached to the handle at right angle and was covered by protective comb. A few years later in 1901 King Camp Gillette invented and patented the double-edge razor. That inventor revolutionize production that kind of tool. His business strategy contains first sold the tool below cost of production and then selling razors with good margin. His strategy was really well accepted by market and in 1908 Gillette Safety Razor company own few production plant in all over the world and nowadays is one of the biggest companies in that industry. Nowaday’sthese tools are seen like antique luxury.

Why safety razor is the best choose ?

1) You can have really close shave while using that tool well. It’s in reality second tool in terms of closes shave at all. First is Straight razor, but it requires from you much more experience in using open razor while safety razors you can have quite close shave without many hours spent on shaving.

2) It’s quite cool to have beautiful old fashioned safety razor.

3) Good maintain chrome tool will be nice addition for your bathroom especially when you combine it with nice shave bowl and shave brush.

4) Chepest solution are not the worst solution. Razors are quite cheap and only bigger expenditure will be nice looking tool and maybe the shave kit at the next step.


Best safety razor, if it really exist ?

For choosing best safety razor firstly we need to ask what we need from shave tool. After we answer, we need to ask one more time which tool could give us that needs and after that, we should have knowledge about differences in design.

Number of pieces

Safety razor Butterfly typeOne piece design – these type is often named butterfly razor. They do not require unfolding toll when you replace the blades. Their advantage is low risk of injuries during shaving. However, such devices are more volnurable for damage and cleaning. If you are interested in purchasing butterfly tool you need to look for example in Merkur Vision.


One of the Best Safety Razor type can be two piece designTwo piece design – they are mostly consist of handle and long screw which is attached to handle. That construction gives stability in shaving and easy replacement of razor but from the other side maintain that design could be hard. One of the best safety razors in that kind is Merkur 38C.


Safety Razor three piece designThree piece design – this tool consist of handle,top of cutting head and base of cutting head. Most of the handles are solid metal, so the cutting head can scre securely. That kind of razor typically have no moving parts, so they are really easy to clean and maintain. One thing we need to mention is possibility to cut of own hand when changing the razor is quite big. Quite good example of three piece design is Edwin Jagger DE89BL or Muhle R89.

Closed or open comb is best for safety razor

Best Safety RazorClosed-comb safety razor characterised that blade is reduced exposure to the skin. Closed comb is better choice for the people with sensitive skin. We can say that its much milder in comparison to open comb, but you need to also take in consideration that tools can also be very aggressive.


Safety razor open comb typeOpen-Comb safety razor is generally more aggressive because more blade is exposed to the skin. These razors are usually favored by users with thick beard stubble which have a difficult time getting a closed shave without having many numbers of passes.

Weight and control

It doesn’t directly affect performance, but it does control of shaving and ability to shave. The reason for this is generally you don’t want to pull the razor accros your skin, but you want to let the weight of the razor to do most of work. From that reason better shaving will be with heavier razor, but you will lose much of the control with that tools. The biggest achievement will be then find the ideal connection between weight and control.

Long or short Handle

Long handle or short handle, some best safety razors are produced with long handle but some of them have short. Longer handles are dedicated for peoples which have bigger hands and need to have more control while shaving where sort handle are for more experienced men where they need to have more precise shaving.


No regulation – The blade is attached in the razor always in the same way at the same angle and the same distance between the razor and razor comb (of course, this distance depends on the particular model).

With regulation – You can change the slope of the razor blade and the gap between the razor and comb. The bigger the gap, the razor shave closer to the skin and is more aggressive. The regulation is usually by turning a ring located at the head of the razor.

Best Safety Razor examples available in 2020:

Muhle R89

Best Safety Razor

It’s really solid tool on its own, even maybe its considered as the best safety razors at all. Two-pieces design with chrome give elegance and simplify. Not all of us love the simple embellishment, but that razor is stand out. Stipped texture which you can find in many razors, in that particular give you fantastic feels in your hand. Second topic is the small logo on the handle give you feel like you’ve got a personalized, hand made tool. On the top of this muhle R89 shave really fantastic. Little bit harsher than others Muhle, but still gets the job done. Muhle R89 has closed comb what means it allows you to have much smoother, gentle shave than in open razor sets.


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Muhle R89 - customer review 96%

Edwin Jagger DE89LBL is treact by many as greatest safety razorEdwin Jagger DE89L

Another very good example available in 2020 year with quite low price is Edwin Jagger DE89LBL. Very good chrome shines like mirror. That three-pieces design have unique bar which seems like combination open-comb and closed-comb. It’s in reality closed comb with grooves which give you slightly more aggressive tool. In other side in reality Edwin Jagger DE89 LBL gave you very smooth shave. With that design you don’t have at all problems with tug on the hair because it’s quite heavy. On addition thing need to be mentioned is very gentle and nice box which you will receive when you buy it.

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Edwin Jagger DE89 - customer review 94%

Merkur Model 180 Long handed safety razorMerkur 23C Long Handle


This model also is considered as very popular design. It’s quite cheap and represents big producer quite well. That three-design tool have difference with changing the blades where in other similar products would be quite hard while in Merkur Model its really easy to do. Characteristic thing is a handle. It’s long handle with textured finished. Handle really resist any finger slipping and easier to control when wet and it will be ideal choice for mens with large hands.

Merkur 23C long handed - customer review 90%

Parker 99R is known as best safety razor for beginnersParker 99R Heavy Duty


One of the finest examples of butterfly design. Turn-to-open handle which opens the head give you really easy access to blades. Parker 99R is quite long and heavy where big guys with large hands will be very fulfilled with that design. It’s quite aggressive, which may be not the best option for beginners, but more experience men’s can achieve really closest possible shave with no problem. The last thing to be mattered is very low price Parker 99R.

Parker 99R - customer review 92%
Best Safety Razor in 2019 – why it’s important
4.8 (96.67%) 18 votes