Best Shaving Brush in UK Can Help You Enjoy the Real Shaving Experience

best shaving brush uk

The whole idea behind using a quality shaving brush is to prepare your facial skin and beard suitably ready to undergo a relaxed unscratched shaving session. Always look for high quality shaving brushes that are capable to take up more water, help you in massaging and useful for lathering. Unquestionably, all high quality shaving brushes are amazingly durable.

When it comes to best shaving brush uk you can find branded products of major companies like Edwin Jagger, Bluebeards, Wilkinson Sword, Old Bond Street and more in different categories. Whereas lower range of shaving brushes is found from as low as £5 to above, for buying best shaving brushes, you should be prepared to expend about £15-30. Depending upon the brush quality, its price may go up to £225 even.

Why Should You Use shaving brush badger?

Undeniably, without being equipped with a quality shaving brush badger, you can hardly attain a superior class shaving experience every morning. Shaving brushes help you reach the underside of your beard enabling shaving soaps or creams in better penetration and skin softening. Use of brushes helps you pick the immovable hairs as it acts as an excellent EXFOLIANT. A wetted brush when blend with shaving cream or soap, it creates an excellent lubricated lather helping razor to glide smoothly with a minimal pressure.

Know how to use shaving brush Technically

Prior to having a shave, one should know how to use a shaving brush effectively. During the session, your foremost job is cleaning your face with water and making the beard thoroughly moist. Now follow the following steps

Wet your shaving brush in bowl containing lukewarm water; ensure it should be well soaked but should not have excess water;

  • If you are using shaving soap, rotate the brush tip on the soap surface and let it become soapy. Those who use cream just press the tube and let little amount of cream out; take it on the tip of the brush.
  • Rub the brush containing soap or cream onto the face in cyclic order as well, scrubbing motion to get richer foamy lather. As per requirement add some extra water to the brush tip, and continue the processing of scrubbing and pounding to have solid later.
  • Now you can start shaving

Types of Badger Shaving Brush

Shaving brush made out of badger hairs are extensively used for over 200 years. When it comes to the types of Badger Shaving Brush, typically, these brushes are available in four major types that are pure, best, super and silver tip.

Specialty of pure badger shaving brush

What is pure badger? In fact, pure badger shaving brush is made out of the hairs from the underbelly region of a badger are known as pure badger. The specialties of pure hairs are superlative class softness, malleability and shade while these are coarser in contrast to ‘best’ as well as ‘silvertip’ due to their thickness. Many companies make them in economically priced range with varies of colors. The hair quality helps in massaging your facial skin and also in lathering.

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how to use a shaving brush

Specialty of best badger shaving brush

Best badger hairs are pretty finer, longer and more malleable hairs than ‘pure’ badger quality. Because of their extra length and thickness the best badger brushes are found densely filled. This increases its water absorbing ability and offers greater feel during massaging and lathering. Superior graded best badger shaving brush qualities are priced ranging £20 to £60.

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Specialty of super badger shaving brush

The super badger shaving brushes are available in a special color blended in black stripy mid section together with whitish tips while the quality of hairs is also finer. Basically super badger shaving brush is costlier opposed to both ‘best’ and ‘pure’ quality. According to many users, they are, in essence, designed by blending pure and super grade hairs while performance wise super badger is really superior than ‘best’ badgers. The specialty is super badger is they never feel prickly. The look of super class badger is combination of grey and white and with light color tips. Prices are ranging £30 to £70.

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Specialty of silvertip badger shaving brush

Among all badger brushes the most expensive one is silvertip badger shaving brush. Needless to say, the hair type used in this category of brushes is rare and superlative one. The tips appear to be whitish blending with silvery color. The fluffy health of these brushes help in moistening, massaging, lathering and highly durable. Price of silver tips typically starts from £60.

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silvertip shaving brush

What type of synthetic shaving brush you should go for?

For wet shavers who like to reduce the cost of their shaving tools can definitely go for using synthetic shaving brush whereas the bristles are majorly made of anti-allergic polymers. No wonder, synthetics are the cheapest one while you can have varieties of types, patterns and brands. Keep in mind that synthetic bristles are also used by millions of people without any problem, but always aim for a better product. Though quality wise synthetic class brushes are not comparable with badger type, however, choose a higher grade produce offers greater lathering ability and moistening your facial skin.

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Users experience about some best shaving brush available in uk

Ranging from Edwin Jagger or Old Bond Street like traditional best shaving brush uk, today one can find varies of imitation brands which are made replicating the quality of their parents. And users can enjoy relatively that feel in cost-effective ranges. Needless to say, once an imitation product reaches you in presentation boxes, you can surely think of presenting them as a gift to someone you love.

pure badger shaving brushCustomers Feeling – Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Shaving Brush – imitation Ivory

When it comes to Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Shaving Brush, overall customers view and experience about the product is ‘outstanding’. Once you start using the product, you can understand how wonderfully it is designed. To attain this quality, even if you pay out a little more, this will give you the best return of what you invest. For those who prefer using bit stiffer brush, undeniably pure badger with Edwin Jagger quality assurance is the best choice.

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Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Shaving Brush - Imitation Ebony - reviewCustomers Feeling – Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Shaving Brush – imitation Ebony

The product comes with Pure Badger brush incorporated with molded plastic handle and logo of Edwin Jagger. For entry level shavers the brush is simply ideal. Capable of providing required massage soften facial skin as you start lathering. Generates good lather and can be an exclusive gift item especially for men who like wet shaving. Since pure badger hair is used; Ebony is able to absorb hot water ensuring excellent leathering performance.

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shaving brush badgerCustomers Feeling about Taylor of Old Bond Street Best Badger Ivory Shaving Brush – Medium

The key feature of Taylor Of Old Bond Street Best Badger Ivory Shaving Brush – Medium is its best quality badger that is not only excellent water absorbent but its super fine tips help in moistening as well as leathering. Mind, these are two major requirements of having a good shaving experience. The handle color is ivory while the material is superior class polymer. In nutshell, customers feel is ‘best’.

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badger shaving brushCustomers Feeling about Edwin Jagger Super Badger Shaving Brush with Drip Stand – Medium, Imitation Ivory

With Edwin Jagger Super Badger Shaving Brush with Drip Stand – Medium, Imitation Ivory super (medium) badger hair brush you can attain the excellence of Edwin Jagger standard soft lathering that softens your facial skin and helps in lifting beard hair effectively. Available with identical drip stand enabling you to store and dry accessories. This brush comes in presentation box with Edwin Jogger logo. The packaging contains shaving brush, drip stand and tools caring manual instructions.

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best shaving brush ukCustomers Feeling about Handmade 100% Genuine Silvertip Premium Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Handmade 100% Genuine Silvertip Premium Badger Hair Shaving Brush is made of high quality supreme grade silvertip badger-hair that accompanies Black Resin excellent looking Handle. According to users, brushes are remarkably soft and offers great shaving feel. Lathering ability is excellent.

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synthetic shaving brushCustomers Feeling about the Bluebeards Revenge Vanguard Synthetic Shaving Brush

Among the Bluebeards Revenge exclusive range of shaving brushes, the hottest class Bluebeards Revenge Vanguard Synthetic Shaving Brush Vanguard is prepared with synthetic bristles typically intimate of Badger hair that has water adsorbing, skin massaging and softening attributes. The product comes in elegantly designed presentation box. The brush is ornamented with a faux ivory handle integrated with the Bluebeards Revenge logo. The brush offers mind blowing shaving experience. With a superior look and craftsmanship Vanguard offers excellent lathering and is durable too.

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Hand Made Shaving BrushCustomers Feeling about Shaving Factory Hand Made Shaving Brush XS Size

Those who like to experience Shaving Factory Hand Made Shaving Brush XS Size type brushes should note these Hand Made shaving accessories are made out of high class natural hair. These are available in multiple sizes for both beginners and long time shavers the product is quite ideal with its lathering and water absorbing ability.

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Why badger hair shaving brush uk is the Best Choice

It’s just more than 200 years, badger hair shaving brush uk is the first choice and top demanding not only in western countries but across the world. In earlier days, the use of badger brush was limited only within the affluent society’s people, but today most people prefer using badger shaving brushes available in economical price range.

The specialties of badger hair made brushes are that they are made out of distinct type fur similar to human hair which naturally absorbs water, help in quick and excellent lathering process. Rich lather keep your facial skin soften irritation free and help in gliding razor smoothly.

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