Braun 9095cc wet & dry electric shaver- review

With the battle for the supremacy in the market of electric shavers heightens, many companies strive to sport their best technology to produce the shaver that can get hold of the majority of consumers around the globe. Braun ,the German manufacturer with its 9095cc wet & dry shaver has showcased what it’s capable of , with the latest features that it has packed into the newest member of the Braun electric shaver line.

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The shaver is equipped with waterproof technology to make it easily utilizable ,even when you’re having a shower. A feature that comes with high end shavers, the shaver is 100% washable. Drying the electric appliance is a matter of pressing a button. The Series 9 sports the groundbreaking SyncroSonic Technology, that delivers 40000 cross-cutting actions per minute. With autoclean system and the cleaning station, the cleaning of your device is made much easier. The shaver lubricates after each cleaning, making sure that the effectivity of sharp cutting is upheld for long term usage. In addition,Braun 9095cc wet & dry shaver supports cleaning under running water which adds to the technology of a shaver that’s meant to be a trend setter.


User friendly

The Braun 9095 shaver can be used by anyone from the age 8 and above. The device is extremely user friendly . It can be operated by anyone who has reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, once the proper instructions and knowledge on safe use of the appliance are given.


Shave while you shower

The shaving experience is made more enjoyable with the ability to shave at the convenience of a shower. The feature saves valuable minutes from a busy lifestyle.


2 Year warranty

The German made Braun 9095cc shaver is packed with a 2 year company warranty, which shows the trust of the manufacturer in the flagship appliance of its latest series 9.


High price

The appliance is introduced as a top feature of Braun’s Series 9. With the cutting edge technology it packs, the device could be a bit expensive than its predecessors.


Doesn’t support corded shaving

The device requires to be charged with the cord provided in the package prior to shaving ,as it doesn’t support corded shaving.

Braun Series 9 9095cc-General feelings about quality of shaving and trimming

The quality of shaving is paid a great deal of attention by the German manufacturer of the 9095cc. The intelligent SyncroSonic technology guarantees thorough shaving with utmost skin comfort with 40000 cross-cutting actions per minute. The chances of skin damage is kept at bay with Braun’s innovative technology . the shaving is guaranteed to feel more ‘massagelike’. The overall shaving experience will be a smooth and comfortable one with the latest Braun 9095cc.

In what areas Braun 9095cc is better than its biggest competitors

Durability- Braun’s 9095cc outperforms most of its top notch competitors with the ability to last long. The appliance carries a foil and clutter that are known to outlast those of some of the best competitive models on the market.

Shaving experience- The 9095 cc is rated by its consumers to be a joy , when it comes to the smooth shaving and trimming experience it offers. The appliance is designed to make daily shaving convenient. The device offers relatively better discomfort on the skin, making sure that the skin feels the calm and gracing effect.

Ergonomic design-The exclusive design of Braun’s shaver makes sure that the electric appliance feels comfortable on hand, which is a stand out feature from its counterparts. It’s a quality that remains striking even if the shaving is done under the shower.The design remains vital for a user friendly appliance that’s intended for anyone above the age of 8.

General feelings on customer reviews on Braun 9095cc uk

Braun, as a leading brand for electric shavers and trimmers has managed to upkeep a solid reputation for introducing shavers and trimmers that are meant to make the shaving and trimming experience a pleasure. The device is applauded by its loyal consumers as a travel shaver, which is made a convenient experience with the rechargeability. The beefy battery is capable of holding a charge for a few days, which means even if you travel to a place where there’s no electricity available, you could still trust your shaver to give you that comfortable shaving experience nonetheless. This is a feature that attracts people who are on the go all the time. The Braun 9095cc shaver comes with a pouch, which adds extra elegance to the product , whilst making it much easier to carry. The ease of usage makes it a convenient appliance to operate for anyone who’s not technology savvy.

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Braun 9 9095CC customer reviews 4.4 / 5

Summary for Braun Series 9 9095cc review


We Like

Quality of shaving


Usability in wet shaving



We dont like

High Price



Good quality product



Really Expensive



If you use preperly clean station eveything should be ok

Customer Reviews


Quite non problematic, insame quality

Braun 9095cc General conclusions

With world’s leading companies producing unique shavers for consumers who expect the most convenient shaving experience from a durable electric appliance that doesn’t cost too much, the Braun’s 9095cc shaver offers a good quality device that’s guaranteed to last a long time with Braun’s unique technology . The device would be more appealing with a price tag that doesn’t feel too heavy for the wallets. Yet, someone who values the lasting value that the flagship device of Braun’s series 9 has to offer, would opt to pay the extra bit to purchase this German made electric shaver, from a company that has known for producing some of the most reputed designs over time. The device is ideally designed for daily shaving, which means someone who wants to keep his face well groomed all the time would find the 9095cc appealing. Especially with a battery that can last for days on a single charge.

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