Braun Series 3 380S-4 shaver which is known from many years


Braun Series 3 380S-4 – the most popular electronic shaver

Braun offers cutting edge grooming products for men and women. It is well known for its electronic shavers that are sleek, handy and very comfortable to use. The series 3 shavers from Braun are known for offering close shave, faster and better. The Braun Series 3 380S – 4 is designed keeping in mind the demands of modern men who do not want to compromise with their comfort and styling.

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Why most customers are choosing Braun Series 3 380S-4

The advanced features of Series 3 have won it so many customers. It is less irritating to the skin and comes with built-in skin conditioners. It can be used either wet or dry which comes as a great advantage to users. It is 100% waterproof and washable.

It comes with a precision long hair trimmer for sideburns, beards or moustaches. It keeps the skin smooth.

Braun Series 3 380S-4 – the pros and cons

Reviews of Braun Series 3 380S-4Let us discuss the pros and cons of the shaver now.

The Series 3 shavers provide excellent shaving experience in both dry and wet conditions.

For people who do not shave on weekends, this comes as a must have product with its Triple Action FreeFloat system.

The Triple Action Cutting System ensures both long and short hairs are taken care of adequately.

The shaver ensures smooth and close shave without causing any irritation to the skin.

The SensoFoil technology used in the shaver makes it cut hair more efficiently and easily. It glides across the skin with control and comfort you have always desired.

The precision long hair trimmer is an added feature that makes it easy to trim beards and sideburns.

The body of the shaver is fully sealed and thus can be washed in water. You can use it in the shower with shaving foam or gels.

The Led display facilitates in viewing the battery level and charging status.

The Series 3 shaver comes with rechargeable battery that can be recharged again and again without any drop in performance.

The shaver is hardy and is not liable to break even if it falls down from the pocket. So, you carry it with you wherever you want.

The Braun Series 3 380S-4 shavers are tough on the hair but smooth on the skin.

It is reasonably priced and comes with additional parts that are very useful.

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The cons of the shaver includes the following points –

It cannot be used while charging which may put off some users who are in a hurry most of the time.

It doesn’t have a traveling case which most people want as they travel a lot and need a safety case for their shaving tool.

Availability of replacement parts of Braun Series 3 380S-4

The shavers under Series 3 have long life. They can be used daily for days. However, most experts advise replacing the parts every 18 months for enhanced performance. When it comes to replacing parts, you must be worried about getting the right parts and the cost too.

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The replacement parts of Braun shavers are easily available. You can get them from the company website or buy them from electronic stores. Authorized service partners also maintain stocks of the parts. You only have to note down the right model number and search accordingly.

Reviews of Braun Series 3 380S-4

rsz_81kodjyd4vl_sl1500_Most of the reviews of Braun Series 3 380S-4 are positive and really encouraging. The Braun Series 3 380S-4 shaver is considered the best by some customers who have used the earlier models.

Wet or dry shaving option makes Braun Series 3 an easy winner as most people prefer both the options.

The double head ensures that you can shave hard-to-reach places easily. The neck, jaw line and between the nose and lips areas can be easily trimmed with this tool. The shaver is a quieter one which most customers like very much. It is faster and gives a smooth shave easily. It shaves really close, better than any other foil shaver. The trimmer is also good as compared to previous models.

The zippered case is nice but customers would have loved to get a cover for the head too.

The battery comes with a long life and the LED lights indicate the amount of charge left. It also charges very quickly and a five minute of charge is enough for a single shave.

Customers found the razor high in performance and quality. The price justifies its features and quality.

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Braun Series 3 380S-4- customer review 4.3 / 586%

Braun Series 3 380S-4 – a good product from the biggest producer of shavers

Braun is a household name for grooming products. Its shavers are quite popular with both men and women and with Braun Series 3 380S-4 it has found its niche in the market. From the most trusted and reliable producer of electronic shavers, the Series 3 is a gift that the users are surely rejoicing.

Give Braun Series 3 380S-4 a try and you will never regret your decision.

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