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A great idea for a gift is Cut Throat Razor Kit



While gifting someone, regardless of the occasion, you need to consider the practicality of the present. Is it something that the person will be able to utilize extensively? Rather than going for the traditional idea of clothes or books, a cut throat razor kit can be an extremely lucrative option. Every man needs a good shaving kit they can use on a daily basis and take it along when they travel. Some workplaces insist on a clean-shaven and smart appearance, so this cut throat razor kit is a fantastic gift your boyfriend, dad, brother or a co-worker.


Cut throat razor set UK – why is it so popular?

There is an increased demand for the cut throat razor set (UK), even though it faces tough competition from its electric and disposable counterparts, it is quite popular. The reason can be attributed to the superiority of cut throat razors as compared modern multi-blade razors, because of their larger blades and full size handles which give greater control. Once you master the trick of getting a clean shave using a cut throat razor, you can see and feel the difference.

Straight razor kit – what are the items included in it?


Although the contents of a straight razor kit might vary, these are the standard items you will find in it:

Cut throat Razor

A sharp and handy straight razor that offers a clean and smooth shave every morning.

Razor strop

If you want to keep your blade sharp, this is essential. Learning how to strop is not too difficult.

Shaving soap

The difference between your average store bought shaving foam, and good quality soap is important especially if you have sensitive skin and wish to avoid allergies or rashes.

Shaving brush

Use it for turning the soap into a nice lather, and apply it evenly over your face.

Barring the items mentioned above, a straight razor kit could also contain a few extra products like:

Travel case

As discussed, men will need to carry a shaving kit when they travel, so if the package includes a portable and handy case, it is a good deal indeed!

Honing stone

A whetstone for sharpening the blade every few months, although it is not recommended for beginners.

Cut throat razor gift set (UK) – tips to keep in mind

A cut throat razor gift set (UK) is one of the best presents you could gift your near and dear ones. It is vital to use the razor slowly and carefully in order to avoid cutting yourself – it offers an amazing shave when you finish. A perfect straight razor shave requires two things: a perfectly sharp razor and a consistent angle of 30 degrees. The results will be even better on soft facial hair/skin, which you can do by showering or wrapping your face in a warm, wet towel before shaving. The best way to shave is to use short strokes at the beginning and finish off with longer ones.


Here are a few instructions:

The first pass


Follow the direction of hair growth and shave with the grain. Once you’re done, lather up once again.

The second pass

This pass is usually done sideways to the direction of hair growth.

The third pass

The last pass is done against the grain. Remember, most men cut themselves during this last step, so be extra careful. The best way to do the last pass is to use water only. This way you will see both your skin and the razor all the time.

Below you can find few examples available in uk for really nice gift as a Cut throat razor Set

One of the best straight edge razor kit – reviewing the Hand Assembled Classic Collection Vintage Barber Salon


This straight edge razor kit contains:

-A Haryali straight razor made by hand to impart the safest and most comfortable shave for all users

-Double sharpening strop with leather for honing and carving blades.

-Badger hair shaving brush – the only type of hair known to retain water. It helps to keep the face warm and soft when splashed with water.

-German made DOVO yellow strop Paste.

The straight edge razor kit comes in a handcrafted rosewood presentation box done in exquisite detail. To develop a feel of the razor, start with shaving your sideburns on the first day and slowly move on to your face.

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Cut throat razor gift set – why buy the Haryali Hand Assembled Classic Collection?

This cut throat razor gift set is yet another remarkable product from Hariyali, London. The shaving brush entirely hand sculpted and fashioned using badger hair, for a quick and foamy lather using hot water and shaving cream. It is one of the best brushes around due to its softness and flexibility, thus making it smooth and gentle on your skin. Another benefit of using this brush is that your skin is massaged and exfoliated automatically while lathering. German made DOVO yellow strop paste is included as well. The Hariyali cut throat razor is safe and offers one of the most comfortable shaves, so it will be appreciated by whoever you gift it to.

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Straight razor kit (UK) – opt for the Hand Assembled Sophist Collection!

The white Badger shaving brush is crafted using the finest materials and the hair is untreated to make its special features all the more prominent. Due to the meticulous process of manufacturing the brush, you get smooth and creamy lather prior to shaving. All items are from Hariyali, London and the razor has a distinct blade angle which allows for a vigorous, very direct shave.

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Another Straight razor set available UK is the Bluebeards Revenge Barber Bundle Kit

The Bluebeards Revenge strikes again! This straight razor set (UK) is a luxurious assortment of shaving products that any man would love to possess. It contains a pre shave oil, beard reducing shaving cream, post shave balm, “Doubloon” shaving brush, shaving towel and shavette razor. Use the pre-shave oil and a warm, wet towel to soften your skin before applying the shaving cream, and don’t forget to use the balm for a cooling effect later on.

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Cut throat shaving kit – go for the A.P. Donovan Comprehensive Cut Throat Razor Set

Looking for a wonderful cut throat shaving kit? The A.P. Donovan Comprehensive will definitely meet your requirements. It is a first-rate, fashionable, and comprehensive 7-piece set containing a pre-stropped razor, fine grit honing stone, silvertip badger brush, shaving cream, strop paste, leather and denim strop, and a lovely wooden box for storage purposes. This kit provides true value for money and is great for beginners.

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Men’s cut throat razor set – get the Dovo Razor with Shave Set

Dovo has everything needed in any men’s cut throat razor set. The razor is made of premium grade steel that is crafted to give an exceptional shave. The company is considered to be a pioneer when it comes to manufacturing quality straight razors. The set contains a sharp black straight razor, wood brush with badger hair, razor stand, and leather strop and alum block or strop paste. If you are looking for an excellent grooming kit for a present, your search ends right here!

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Straight razor gift set available in UK – the final word

To put it into a nutshell, there are a diverse number of straight razor gift sets (UK), but you need to choose the one that is best suited for the receiver of the present. Read up as much as you can about the different features and tools included in the gift set to determine if it meets your specifications.

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