Disposable razors

Disposable razor one timer

By the name of disposable razors we are mean one time razor which consist of plastic handle and plastic head with steel razors all in one piece. To clarify a little bit which disposable razor is better we create for you the list of current tools with the customers review.

PicsNamePriceCustomer review 0-5
Wilkinson Classic
Wilkinson Classic£££4.3
Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3
Wilkinson Sword Extreme 3££4.2
Gillette Blue 3
Gillette Blue 3££4.3
Bic 3 SensitiveBic 3 Sensitive££4.1
Disposable razor Gillette Blue II
Gillette Blue II
Gillette Blue 3 Ice
Gillette Blue 3 Ice

Bic 2 Sensitive
Bic 2 Sensitive

Wilkinson Sword Extra 2Wilkinson Sword Extra 2

Rols razor trippleRols razor tripple


Everybody in some time was using the disposable razor

For sure everybody use it in specific time probably as the first razor bought for you by father or somebody else. Another situation where we could meet that kind of disposable razor is in travel. It’s easy to take small tool and maybe the foam or gel for shaving and put it in the bin after all.

Price is the main content

What is characteristic in that plastic tool is sure “price”. The cost for one tool is very small, but when we take in consideration that we want to shave this kind of tool every day the cost at the end will not be as favor. It will be quite expensive because disposable razors have construction to use very few shavings. Many specialist counts that after five times that tool will need to be replaced by new one. Of course we can meet the opinion that we can shave it by one year but it’s very hard to do and after few times quality of that kind of shaving will be very poor.

General quality of one time use razor

Another topic meant by specialist is general bad quality of shaving by disposable razors. Even more its categorized as the worst possible type of shaving nowadays. Every cartridge razor or cut throat razor and even all electric shaver will provide you better and safer shaving.



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