Dovo Shavette Review – cut throat razor from Germany

Dovo shavette Solingen Reviews

Shavette is the name of a disposable blade straight made by Dovo. It has the same features, looks, and feel of a regular straight and used just like one. It is sure to give an outstanding shave. With the disposable blade straight there is no need to deal with having to strop or hone the blade and one just needs to change the blade instead. This is thus; an excellent beginner’s straight razor and one can use several different and versatile types of blades, if you have the correct plastic insert. Hence, its burgeoning popularity across the world.

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Dovo Shavette straight razor is one of the best quality product from Germany available in UK

Dovo Shavette Cut throat razorSince 1906, the year of its first manufacture, Dovo has ruled the market! DOVO is an independent German company, based in Solingen. They manuafacture scissors, shaving equipment such as straight razors and safety razors, as well as manicure tools.

The Dovo Shavette is one of their best products. Since 2013 DOVO moved towards focusing mainly on their shaving products and introducing new range of straight razors.

Across the UK in departmental chain stores, you can find the Dovo Shavette Long Razor Blades (x 10). The Dovo Shavette long razor blades are used with the black holder that slides into the shavettes. The platinum coated stainless steel Shavette blades can be easily snapped in half to give you two disposable blades.

Pros/Cons of Dovo Shavette

Pros Dovo Shavette razors

Easy to use – You need not worry about having to take the time and effort to hone or strop your straight. A quick change of blades and you would be ready to go.

Great results – Gives a wonderful clean shave

Cons of Dovo shavette

The learning curve – is longer and steeper than that of a DE

For the person who wants a great shave without the hassle or the bother of having to get their straight ready for a great shave, the disposable blade straight is the way to go!

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Customer Reviews of Dovo Solingen Shavette

Dovo shavette BlueHere are a few customer reviews of the Shavette

“If you’re an experienced shavette user or even a wet shaver starting out in straight razor shaving then I can’t recommend this anymore. It comes with one long dovo blade and a standard double edge blade – both are snapped in half to produce compatible blades. It shaves extremely well and although some complain of its light weight, I prefer having full control of its momentum because of this. Comes with 3 inserts. A red insert for standard half DE blades and 2 black inserts for true, long shavette blades. One handy feature that helps beginners is that the leading point of the blade is covered by the insert it is placed in. This stops it from cutting you every time you occasionally place it carelessly on your face.”

“The razor is easy to handle compared to the heavier barber knife or regular straight razor. It is so light so it follows every move you make with your hands, and as soon as you learn to master it you won’t let it go. It works great to use with either hand, and the blade holder actually serves for protection from deep cuts.”

“I would be surprised if they didn’t make it into every top three lists, because they are the Apple of straight razors. The most well known, the easiest to get hold of, great quality and great value.Dovo are manufactured in surprisingly high numbers given the decreased popularity of this type of razor, which shows how high their demand is within the reduced market. What’s more, they are great for beginners and veterans alike, with a wide range of blades available.”

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Dovo Shavette Silver Razor - customer reviews 84%

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Dovo Shavette is really a popular wet shave cut throat razor

The Dovo Shavette is a rather popular Straight Razor or Cut Throat Razor. It takes the hassle out of straight razor shaving. This is quite literally the 21st century Straight Razor Shaving. The Dovo Shavette is the ideal tool to start learning how to shave if you intend to go on and use a steel cut throat razor. Excellent for travel, the Shavette is very light. All in all, whether online or even at your neighborhood department store, the Dono Shavette can be yours. All you’d know is to place an order in the morning!

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