Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razor review

Edwin Jagger de 89 review

Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razor – make shaving a luxury you would never want to miss

If you are one of those people who consider shaving a boring chore, you must try Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razor. It almost makes shaving a luxury you would love to experience every day. Yes, that’s what most users claim. Let us check its salient features and find out why it is so popular with men.

Why is Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razor so popular?

Firstly, DE89 is from Edwin Jagger, a company which has always been associated with supreme quality safety razors. For years, Edwin Jagger has been enthralling its customers with safety razors that come with latest technology and superior shaving experience. DE89 is no exception.

The Edwin Jagger DE89 looks great with its chrome plating. It is shipped in a nice textured box that has high presentation value. It is absolutely a delight to use this razor. It lasts long and gives close shaves for years. Its handle comes in two designs- a vertically lined one and a smooth one. The balance and weight of the razor is perfect. The long handle suits men with big palms.

Its kind to the skin but hard on the hair which men like a lot.

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Pros and cons of Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razor

Edwin Jagger DE 89 safety razor

Beautiful – Chrome Plating

It’s from Edwin Jagger and that seems to be the greatest pro of DE89. It is simply a great product that men can depend upon. DE89 is particularly beautiful with its chrome plating. Men, who have an eye for beautiful things, like this one for its looks.


Price affordably

Edwin Jagger DE89 is priced affordably. Its price is comparable to most DE razors available in the market. It provides great value for money because of its longevity and quality of shave. Once you buy this razor and a pack of blades, you can rest assured that for years you don’t have to spend anything on shaving except shaving soap.


User friendly

DE89 is user friendly. It is pretty easy to use. The chrome finish also makes DE89 easy to grip even when it is covered with leather.


3 piece razor

Is a little bit annoying. However, that’s common to most 3 piece razors and hence we cannot hold Edwin Jagger guilty for it.


DE razors shaving takes more time

Shaving with double edged razor takes more time than a multi-bladed one and this is true for DE89 also.

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Comparing Edwin Jagger DE89 with Muhle R89

Let’s make it interesting by comparing DE89 with R89 so that you would know better what you are getting for your money.

First weight – while DE89 weighs 73 gm, R89 weighs 64 gm, almost 10 gm less. Fans of DE89 do not mind the heaviness as they love the shave they get from the razor.

The DE89 comes with a flat and smooth handle whereas R89 has a knurling one. Some people consider Muhle R89 to be more beautiful because of the design of the handle.

Muhle is costlier, lighter, and shinier with a good balance. Edwin Jagger DE89 is heavier, cheaper, and less shiny but has a great look and style.

Whether you like the classic appeal of Muhle or the luxury of Edwin Jagger depends on your personal preference.

Comparison between Edwin Jagger DE89L, DE89BL and DE89LBL

The entire DE89 series from Edwin Jagger is a lovely gift for men across the world. There are different models in the series like DE89L, DE89BL and DE891BL with very little variations. As for example while DE89 has s smooth chrome handle DE89L has a vertical line on the handle.

The DE89LBL comes with a long handle compared to DE89BL.

Customer reviews on Edwin Jagger DE89

Safety razor Edwin jagger DE89BL

Edwin Jagger is a very popular brand and DE89 is one of its most famous razors. There are men who have given up Muhle R89 or Merkur 34C and opted for DE89. You can go through their experience of using DE89 and decide whether you want to adopt it too.

Some of the users have found DE89 heavy and well balanced to suit their style. With its head and handle balanced very well, DE89 gives close shave without much stress. Needless to say, it has great body and look. The chrome plating increases its appeal.

The head with its double edged blade gives a satisfying shave without being harsh on the skin.

The razor is a long lasting one and provides value for money. You just need to invest in shaving bars and blades.

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Edwin Jagger DE89 customer reviews 4.7 / 5

Summary for Edwin Jagger DE89 review


We Like

Price afforably

User friendly




We dont like

Shaving is taking more time

3 pieces razor is hard to clean



Good English Quality of shaving



Its nonsense to not buy that razor



At the beginning it will take you much time

Customer Reviews


Customers are in good mood when they receive that shiny safety razor

Edwin Jagger DE89 – an English razor with highest quality

Yes Edwin Jagger is quintessentially an English product, it has got style, appeal and offers great quality. It is a fabulous double edged razor to begin shaving and become an expert in the art. If you are looking forward to a more fulfilling experience of shaving, go for this one, you would be never disheartened.

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