The evolution of Braun shaver

Braun Shavers

Braun shaver are among the most popular products of this type in the world. The company, found in the early twenties of the twentieth century has become a market leader in the field of electric shavers. The company is recognized as a precursor in its field. Braun shavers are also the most important representatives of foil shavers. The company is known for the quality of the components used in their products, and very good performance and cool design.

History of Braun company

In 1921, the size of a small garage company was founded by Max Braun in Frankfurt am Main. The company at the beginning was manufacturing components for radio. Practically until World War, the company engaged in producing components for radio and shortly before the outbreak of the war and widely understood phonography. During the war, the factory in Frankfurt practically been destroyed and the owner was forced to rebuild almost 150 personal business from scratch. Since 1950s we can officially say that the manufacturer introduced it’s most famous product of Braun electric shaver. The first product was a well-known Braun S 50 which was developed already in 1938, but the start of the Second World War delayed the launch the project to the 1950s. This product was the first foil electric shaver, the technology has been in a very stable and is used even today. The company over the next decades has added various branches of activity such as household appliances, watches and radio. After the merger with Gillette in the nineties, the company began restructuring eliminating its weakest divisions in 2005 to be bought by a giant Procter and Gamble.

Examples of Braun Shavers

Braun Shaver Series 1Braun series 1

One of the oldest still produced electric shavers. As producer wrote in the description of the Braun electric shaver Series 1 “A superb range of shavers Braun for demanding beginners”. The device is recommended for users rather with less requirements. This equipment is not very good with hard beard, which makes you spend a lot more time to shave properly. The fact is also that the equipment is really cheap for a manufacturer of high-end products, and therefore it must have been reflect on the quality.

Pros: modern design, easy to clean, functionality

Cons: quality of shave, lack of etui, short work on battery

Products: Braun 190, Braun 170, Braun 150, Braun 130

Series 1 - Shave Quality50%
Series 1 - Appearance60%
Series 1 - Price100%
Series 1 - customer review 75%

Braun series 3 Braun shaver Series 3

Some of the most popular shavers produced so far by the Braun company. After moving blades system improvements, increased engine speed and the new foil “SensoFoil”, the new Braun shavers not only provides even better performance with long face hair, but they are very soft to skin. This shaver has a trimmer for beard, and some types are equipped with a cleaning stations, which in a very good way disinfect the equipment. Shaving performance definitely improved, and therefore the device is selling so well. In addition, already in this model are available razors that can shave dry and wet mode.

Pros: functionality, modern design, easy usage

Cons: lack of etui, price of spare parts

Products: Braun 390, Braun 380, Braun 350, Braun 340

Series 3 - Shave Quality80%
Series 3 - Appearance90%
Series 3 - Price75%
Series 3 - customer review 80%

Braun Shaver 5070Braun Shavers Series 5

From series 5 Braun electric shavers enter the premium brand products. These devices are even look much more stable and better. Rubber to holders is made with better quality material, beard trimming technology also has been upgraded. The technology FlexMotionTec consists of “Micromotion” system where all components of the cutting head are mounted separately and “MacroMotion”, which allows for variation of the head by 40% and allows precise adjustment of the Braun razors to the face. This system much better shave beard hair, especially a lot better handle with longer hair than previous products produced by Braun. All razors of this series are water resistant and can shave wet or dry using a shaving foam or other cosmetics. In addition, it should be mentioned that they are equipped with the latest cleaning station, which better perform its duties than older ones.

Pros: modern design, functionality, quality of shaving

Cons: price and maintenance costs, quality to price

Products: Braun 590, Braun 570,Braun 550, Braun 530

Series 5 - Shave Quality90%
Series 5 - Appearance95%
Series 5 - Price45%
Series 5 - customer review 90%

Braun shaver series 7Braun Shaver Series 7

Braun Shavers high-end quality as well as price. By many considered the best electric shaver produced so far. For shaving is responsible patented sonic technology adapting intelligent power of micro vibrations to the beard. The blades are able to move at dizzying speed of 10 000 vibration per minute. The device has three modes of operation, which should be used depending on the currently shaved part of the face. Standard in high-end razors is that whole construction is waterproof and has a cool looking LCD. Therefore, the quality is very good for shaving beard, both one-day and multi-day (longer and tougher). Apearence and functionality have been flattering to the smallest detail and from that relation the presentation of this equipment is also very high. Equipment work very well also in terms of hygiene. Cleaning is very simple under running water or in cleaning station specially designated for it.

Pros: modern design, functionality, quality of shaving, cleaning station

Cons: price and maintenance costs

Products: Braun 790, Braun shaver 760, Braun shaver 745, Braun shaver 720

Series 7 - Shave Quality95%
Series 7 - Appearance95%
Series 7 - customer review 95%

Braun CoolTec

Braun shaver cooltecIt is one of the latest technological product presented by the German company. The main change is the latest cooling system on dry shaving. According many customers, this system actually works very well in dry shaving and skin irritation do not occur so often. In addition, these devices are equipped with a blade sensory technology, which handles quite well with short hairs. Braun CoolTec are really good for daily shaving, where, after a very quick morning shave you can get a satisfactory result. Longer hair makes a much bigger problem that you could have a little more hard way. Devices of this type can be purchased together with the cleaning station. It refreshes the shaver and disinfected (producing pleasant smell)

Pros: cooling system, design, functionality

Cons: lack of etui, heavy, not good quality especially on neck area

Products: Braun CT2S, Braun CT4S, Braun CT5S

CoolTec - Shave Quality92%
CoolTec - Appearance90%
CoolTec - Price65%
CoolTec - customer review 85%

Braun Cruzer 6Braun Shavers Cruzer 5 and 6 (face)

Braun electric shavers that is combine with trimmer. Clearly should be noted that the trimming is the main function therefore, the product is made rather for men who model a beard and at the same time would like to have also a shaver. The shaving function was treated like an optional matter and from that reason feedback from many users turn to the negative side. For good shaving is required to spend a lot of time, and are also noticed irritation when shaving from many customers.Trim function is already much better in Braun Cruzer face. Possible length beard trimming are four which, combined with the possibility of modeling a thin beard by a special rotating styler can makes the beard look really cool.

Pros: design, functionality of trimmer

Cons: quality of shaving, quality to price

Products: Braun Cruzer 6 face, Braun Cruzer 5 face

CoolTec - Shave Quality60%
CoolTec - Appearance80%
CoolTec - Price85%
CoolTec - customer review 70%

On of the biggest brand in market

Braun for many years was a leader in the market of electric shavers. That big brand have of large range of products adapted to almost every man’s pocket. The products are characterized by good performance and pretty good shaving particularly short one beard (limitation of foil technology). More expensive Braun shavers doing their job very well and Braun series 7 is considered the best product currently available on the market. Braun electric shavers are quite expensive, but it is a matter of quality and many years of experience in the production of this type of product.


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