Feather Razors review – Japanease straight razors

Feather razors reviewThere are many different types of razors available in market however they are all basically the same. There are only a few standard and reputable straight razor manufacturers in the market. The Japanese most often do things in a bit different manner and their straight razors are also no exception to their image.

Once you buy a razor, it lasts forever. Yes, that’s right you don’t need to keep purchasing newer ones. Keeping an electronic razor is fine, it may come handy when you are in a hurry, but the straight razor is more stylish and makes shaving off that mane a fun experience. The straight razor also happens to give you the closest and cleanest shaves. Yes, you read it right, one steel blade is enough for the closest shave and you do no need six razors.

Why are the feather razors famous all over the world

Other than being once in a lifetime investment, the straight razors have many other advantages that make it popular choice amongst men. First, the weight, these razors are light yet when you hold them it feels well balanced between the head and the handle of the razor. The handle end of the razor is made of plastic and it long enough to provide you a good grip while you shave. The straight razors have an easy upkeep and maintenance is hassle free.
These blades are not disposable, but rather require regular stropping and at times honing.

Why Feather Artist Club SS and Feather Artist Club DX are most popular choices

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Feather Artist Club DX Razor ReviewThe Feather Artist Club shaving razor is number one choice of barbers. People, who are fan of clean and shaven looks, find these razors best suited for them. The feather artist club razors come in two broad categories- the DX model and SS model. The DX model razors are heavy weight and have superior looks whereas the SS model is lighter in weight and handy when it comes to shaving sensitive skin.

Both models are available in folding or straight design. You won’t be bound to make a choice while purchasing between straight or folding, you can always make your preference.

There are four Artist Club blades that can be used for all Artist Club Razors. In this manner one can customize as per their requirement. Be it shaving a sensitive skin, a rough beard hair or even looking for more safer ways to shave, there is a blade that will meet your need. The Artist Club Razors has brought back in fashion the use of razors among the current generation. It is a fashionable tool that has resulted from a mix of tradition and use modern technology; the razor will last you a lifetime.

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Feather Straight Razor- Pros/Cons of feather razors

Like every consumer product the straight razor also has its pros and cons.

To start with lets discuss the pros of Feather razors:

Feather Artist Club SS Non-Folding Straight RazorIt is a once in a lifetime purchase.

The tool provides the closest shave for the clean look.

You don’t need to shave everyday, let the razor sit for a day. Hence you end up saving- shaving time.

If you manage to learn how to use a straight razor, it would be any day cheaper than your other shaving options like a safety razor or visiting the barber.

The maintenance of the razor involves zero cost as these are non-disposable and you can use one single purchase lifelong. All you need to do is learn stropping and honing of the blade.

Now coming to the downside or the cons of Feather related to cut throat razor are:

You may find difficulty in using a straight razor at first. Unlike the motorized safety razor, using the straight razor requires practice and patience. As a result of which initially you’ll spend longer duration of time shaving.

The blades do not have any safe sides hence you may be susceptible to cuts. Hence these razors are also loosely termed as ‘cut –throat’ razors.

The straight razors are expensive when compared to a safety razor.

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Customer reviews of Feather Straight Razor

Though hesitant at the beginning once people get used to a straight razor they have positive things to say about it.

With its non-disposable blades and a long good grip handle, straight razors seem quite popular among people.

It gets a positive review even on its performance for it’s the close and clean shave. It is also hassle free shaving equipment when it comes to packing for travel, there is no need to carry spare cartridges etc.

In the long run regular use of straight razors helps you save time and money.

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Why are feather razors a really good choice in UK?

The razors are manufactured in Europe mostly Germany, France and United Kingdom. These are quite stylish and add to your fashion quotient. These razors have also found a place for themselves in the antique market as well. The upkeep and maintenance is hassle free and once you’ve got used to handling one, you’ll enjoy the experience.

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