How to choose best cut throat razor in 2019?

Cut throat razor

Shaving with cut throat razor for men is one of the oldest ways of removing unwanted hairs. The appearance of equipment and tools using modern technology meant that interest straight razor significantly decreased. However, in recent years, this method of shaving regains its former popularity. This is mainly due to economic reasons, and cut throat razor shaving provides much more than smoothness of the skin that can’t be achieved using other methods of shaving. Great importance is the fact that in sales are now available solid and very comfortable razor, made from high quality materials.

PicsNamePriceCustomer review 0-5

Parker 31R(SR1)£4.1

Parker 34R(SRW)£4.0
DOVO Silver Shavette££4.1
Sanguine Pure Wood£ 4.4
Bluebeards Revenge Shavette£ 4.0
Thiers Issard Le Dandy£££4.3
Thiers Issard Super Gnome£££ 4.2
Feather Artist Club SS££ 4.8
Sanguine Coolcut£ 4.3

Best straight razor in UK – Tips on choosing a razor best suited for your needs


A lot of people are facing the common dilemma of selecting the best straight razor. Increasing numbers of men are returning to the use of straight razors for their daily shave these days. This is a simple yet effective tool that guarantees a smooth shave once you know how to control your grip and exert pressure lightly, in order to prevent cutting yourself. The piece of steel that makes the blade of the razor is forged to shape and especially ground – this can be done both by hand and machine. The blade is eventually finished by honing to a sharp edge. A few varieties need to be honed slightly and stropped before use, but “shave ready” versions are available too. While looking for the best straight razor available in UK don’t just focus on the price as the ultimate deciding factor because quality and longevity matter as well. It is advisable to pay a tad more in the beginning and get a long-lasting product rather than opting for a cheap razor that loses its sharpness and is scratched or nicked after just a few days.

Cut throat razor blades – how is different from disposable and non-disposable razors?

Disposable blades, or rather disposable razors are meant to be just “use and throw”. Moreover, they can be used only a few times before the blades lose their sharpness and the razor has to be gotten rid of. Non- disposable razors are relatively sharper than their disposable counterparts and you can continue to use them for some weeks. In this case, the entire razor doesn’t have to be thrown away – you only need to change the razor blade when needed. Cut throat razor blades come under the non-disposable category – they have single blades with excellent sharpness that imparts a smooth shave, but you need to be careful and exert the right amount of pressure so there are no injuries.

Straight razor finger nail testStraight edge razor – what is the finger nail test?

How can you be sure that your straight edge razor is equipped with precision sharpness? Just conduct the finger nail to be 100% certain about it. All you have to do is stick out your index finger and gently lay the edge of your knife on your fingernail so the knife is perpendicular to your finger. If the knife somewhat bits into the nail without any pressure and doesn’t slide around, the straight edge razor blade is definitely sharp. Please be careful while carrying out the test!

Straight razor blades – tips to maintain quality and functionality

Straight razor blades must be properly looked after in order to ensure their longevity. While those made of stainless steel are less demanding on this front, other types of razors have to be rinsed with clear water and thoroughly dried after each use. When not in use for lengthy periods of time, it is recommended that the razor be rubbed with light oil. Razors should also not be stored in a damp and unaired state. After several shaves, your razor’s cutting edge will become slightly more aligned with the head, which causes bluntness. If you use a strop correctly and treat your blade well, you will only need to hone once every month or even per year. Stropping serves to polish the edge of the blade and to re-align it at the correct angle for sharp, effective shaving.

Straight razor sharpening – what is the significance of regular sharpening?


Straight razor sharpening is vital in order to ensure you enjoy a clean shave for as long as possible. Set the honing stone down and place the blade on the flat side. Make sure that the edges and the back are touching the stone. Push it across it in a diagonal manner with the edges pushing forward. When you are finished one side you can move to the next. Once you have finished with both sides and fully sharpened the razor you will need to smooth it off. Use the leather strop and make the same motions as you did with the stone. This piece is also used to clean the blades in between uses and helps to keep it smooth.

sharpening straigh razor

Modern cut throat razors.


A large part of modern razors are manufactured from carbon steel. Due to the use of a large amount of carbon straight razor has an excellent sharpness. However, be aware of the proper maintenance because of the greater possibility the steel will have corrosion. In the shops you can find also many tools from stainless steel, in which case you do not to worry about rust blade. Attention is also razors made of damask steel. It is created by the combination of different kinds of steel that are characterized by different chemical and mechanical properties. Due to the high cost of production that kind of ancient technique is used only in the most expensive razors, usually created manually by experienced professionals on demand. Whatever the type of steel used it’s very important to appropriate maintenance of blade. Before each using it should be polished and after-shave should be wiping dry with a soft, preferably cotton material. You should sharpen razor whenever need arises and stop using detergent to clean the blade. It is also recommending avoid touching the blade by hands. People determined to go on selection of carbon cut throat razor must keep in mind that after each use, it needs to regenerate, therefore also you can’t use it more than every second day. In order to enable a more frequent shaving, we must buy second blade. Big advantage good quality straight razor can be last very long with good maintain. They are examples which have 30-50 years and they are in quite good shape. Another fact is that currently produced cut throat razors are made from better quality steel than in past.

Custom made straight razor

Dimensions, balance and concavity.


Modern shaving razor differ not only the type of steel used, but also the size. The most popular are a size of 5/8 inches and 6/8 inches, which corresponds to 15.88 and 19.05 millimeters. The advantage of narrower blades is that they allow to collect a larger amount of foam, where is connected, with less frequent wiping. However, the wider cut throat razors features smaller manageability to shave in places less accessible. Due to the greater weight of the razor shaving with a wider blade is especially effective on men’s with hard and thick facial hair. For normal facial hair, the most popular recommended blade profile is concavity of 1/1, while the facial hair hard 1/2. Dimensions the razor should be adapted to your individual needs and shaving technique used. Another big point is balance which provide you that tool. If it will be non balance than unfortunately hurting your skin will be very easy.

Straight razor available in UK (second hand) – should you use these razors in 2020?


A second-hand straight razor available UK is quite cheap, but they need to be properly restored before you can utilize them for shaving. The blade is re-surfaced to make it smooth like before and remove rust, while a metal polishing compound restores lustre and removes patina, light scratches, and other cosmetic flaws. The scales and pins need to be cleaned as well. A straight razor (UK) bought second-hand has to be meticulously restored, which is why they are not recommended for novices.

Best cut throat razor (UK) in 2020 – why are they frequently used in UK?

Best cut throat razor (UK) – the popularity seems to be growing even though some men feel apprehensive using this type of razor. However, the precision and closeness of shaving have convinced many that this is the right choice to make even if it takes a while to learn how to utilize this razor properly.


Best straigh razor brands

Dovo razorsDovo Straight razor shavette

A large number of good products prepared for us DOVO Solingen, which manufactures cut throat razors from the beginning of their activity in 1906. The company is now known worldwide for its high quality and modern products. First thing to be mentioned is price of these products. You can find many of them in really low price but also many of them are in medium price. Dovo Products are really great when you are starting with shaving by straight razors because of disposable blades. These blades are really cheap and for beginners less sharpness of blades could be really difficult.

Great examples of DOVO Straight razors :

Dovo Shavette
Dovo 5/8 Cellidor
Dovo Ebony + Engraving Plate
Dovo Cut-Throat Ebony

Dovo Bismarck


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Thiers-Issard razorsThiers Issard Le dandy razor

This French company is really famous from their cut throat razor department. They have one of the best position because of their luxury design and enormous quality. One thing also to be mentioned is their balance. Really it does a great job in term of quality of shaving, but from other side they ‘re expensive tools.

Great Examples of Thiers Issard razors:
Thiers-Issard Super Gnome
Thiers-Issard Le Dandy
Thiers-Issard Le Petit
Thiers-Issard Tortoise

Parker RazorsParker Straight razors

One of the famous company which produce all kinds of stuff for shaving and in straight razors brand, Parker also have their good reputation. In terms of price they can be really competitive. Of course not all positions are that good. In that brand quality goes significant up, when you spend little more money than normal.

Great Examples of Parker razors:

Parker 33R
Parker SR1
Parker 34R

Giesen & Forsth RazorsTimor Straight razor

Old fashioned cut throat razor branded Timor is example coming from that old company. It looks rather like tool for your grandfather than you, but it has proper style. They are quite expensive tools also it has the sharpness on good level. When you want to shave close by this product it will be quite easy to do. Conclusion straight razor with class.

Great Examples of Giesen & Forsth razors:

Timor Real Wood
Timor Ebony Wood

Fromm Straight RazorFromm Razors

Another company from Solingen in Germany. It’s modern look straight razor with essential quality. They are quite expensive, but quality of blade and components require this. One thing characteristic for this brand is, they don’t come shave ready. You will need this razor honed properly and from that time it will be doing job done well.

Great Examples of Fromm razors:

Fromm Straight Razor 5/8

Feather razors

Example of brand from Japanease. Really good brand from Japan where still they are producing “Kamisori”. Good close shaving will be possibly with easy to do with these razors and you can feel like buddhism monk for a while.
Feather artist club non-folding SS
Feather artist club non-folding DX

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Best straight in 2020 year razors have to be?

Presented above brands are currently the most popular companies which produce the straight razors. In sale you can find still many interesting proposals. Men interested in buying such kinds of tool should already become familiar with the characteristics of each model. Cut Throat razors should be adapter to the individual skills, kind of facial hair, as well as the budget user. It is also important to get knowledge about proper way of shaving and maintain, otherwise purchased tool can quickly be damaged or worse, hurt the skin.

How to choose best cut throat razor in 2019?
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