Why we love Philips Shaver?

Philips Shavers

A good razor is one of must-have items for a men’s who likes to take care of yourself, look good and feel totally comfortable. The market is today in the situation to offer a very wide range of options. Philips shaver is an example of where you can safely talk not only about a leader, but also a pioneer in innovative ways of defining a new standard in facial skin care.

What makes the Philips shaver is so wanted by the huge crowds of men?

When we discuss about razors, we need to mention the Philips Shavers, that serves very well their customers and they’re present on the market for many years. The brand is known for its high quality products and satisfied customers, not only specialized for shaving area, but also in a wide range of product in almost every corner of the globe. Addition to this high-quality, do not forget about the power of advertising and PR, which makes up the successful receipt of such equipment. Good prove for this situation are results in sales, which are at very favorable level in all over the Europe. Customers are very interesting in product, even if the purchase is an electric shaver Philips on quite high price level. There is no doubt that you can speak of really good an indicator quality for money.

An important topic that cannot be skip is the price. We even can assume that Philips shaver is quite expensive product because cheapest model cost us minimum 30 pounds. We also know that the more function it is included in the product, the better quality shaving systems you will receive and the price will be accordingly higher. Purchase the philips electric shaver can be quite an expensive, but it is sure worth to pay because of a certain things. Devices have a really great performance. High quality blade are the main reasons for long, comfortable use and from that point we can assume about some kinds of investment when you are buying Philips electric shaver. In fact, spending hundreds of pounds put up in wallet light variance, but we have big comfort at the highest level. Another topic need to mentioned is cartridges typically included in number of several pieces, which are also not cheap. Frequency of using Philips Shaver is also quite important matter, becasue it is no problem to use it every day with almost no maintenance. There are people who like smooth shave every day, but there are also enthusiasts which likes “a three-day beard.” Those ones are more and more, especially since the beard hair was somewhat elevated to the status attribute of manhood by the fashion trendsetters and lifestyle influences. From that last ones also Philps electric shaver can offer very flexible device because many of products have included necessary caps.

Shaving system used in Philips shavers.

Philips shaver is an example of a device equipped with a rotary cutting system type. These systems are characterized by the work in most cases three blades that spin independently from each other. The blades are covered with a very thin metal casing. The skins do not work, but the panels on which are mounted do so. Philips razors shave circular movements, causing it becomes much time-consuming but on the other hand, a lot more accurate. Philips brand is the precursor of this type of product and the company wiping trails. Their systems are among the finest, most efficient and in the most cases much ahead from competitors. Below you can find a video showing a rotation system as an example of Philips SensoTouch 3D.

Example of Philips Shavers

Philips PT Series 500Philips PT Series 500Philips Shaver Power Touch.

Philips PT Series 500

This series is currently one of the most popular. The devices are characterized by their shape, which is in the brand for very long time and is definitely associated with the manufacturer. Triple blades technology close cut doing their job quite correctly, what with their primary advantage that is self-sharpening, shave it properly. The main feature of these products is also the price, where in example one of the cheapest products Philips Shaver HQ 6927 is in a very reasonable price and strong competing with the Braun shaver series 1. To this type of shaver Philips device we should also include the prefix PT. It is an updated and slightly more expensive version of the HQ. The main change is so Philips electric shaver PT Series is equipped with different cutting systems. These systems are Comfor cut, Dual Precision and Triple Track, which has very good feedback from consumers. From the point of view of the average bread eater difference is very small. With Philips Shavers PT series can be identified three PT series 7xx, 8xx, 9xx. The main difference between these models are listed above cutting systems nevertheless they also different somewhat in shape, having a trim, wireless, used battery and of course price.

Pros: price, functionality, easy usage, comfort

Cons: lack of etui, lack of battery sensor

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Products: Philips PT 920, Philips HQ 6927, Philips PT 720, Philips PT 860

Power Touch - Shave Quality60%
Power Touch - Appearance70%
Power Touch - Price90%
Power Touch - customer review 80%

Philips AT 899Aqua Touch Philips Shavers

The first series of products that are completely waterproof. Aqua Touch System allows you to use the shaver in the shower with foam or shaving gel, which is a definite positive aspect for men who like this type of shaving. Contrasting features with the previous series are a little bit better quality of product and a little better battery performance. Shaver Philips Aqua Touch series has a very favorable opinions of members where the positives far overshadow the negatives. These devices are currently one of the most popular sold in Europe. They are priced comparable to the major competitor Braun Series 3.

Pros: functionality, easy usage, comfort, dry shave

Cons: lack of etui, lack of trimmer, hard to shave around neck

Products: Philips AT 899, Philips AT 750

Aqua Touch - Shave Quality70%
Aqua Touch - Appearance70%
Aqua Touch - Price80%
Aqua Touch - customer review 80%

Philips SeonsTouch 2DShaver Philips Sensotouch 2D

First Product with modern appearance of the Dutch holding company, with a view to potential customers with a greater resource of cash and consequently those who like better quality. Philips electric shaver SensoTouch 2D gained a different look, which seeks to tempt aesthete to store. Another quite important reason for changing the appearance is the use Flex Gyro system, which is characterized by moving to the shape of face the panels themselves on which are mounted blades, but also the head around its axis. Shaver were also equipped with improved battery system and aqua touch system which allows wet shaving and dry . Opinions on the product are in the great majority positive which reflects a very good evaluation users in the UK and in the world. Natural competitor for this product is Braun Series 5, where SensoTouch 2D is a little cheaper and shave very comparable. Some models are also equipped with a Jet Clean system, which is responsible for the daily cleaning and maintenance the product.

Pros: functionality, easy usage, comfort, price, silent, appearance

Cons: lack of etui, to narrow trimmer, external trimmer

Products: Philips RQ 1180, Philips RQ 1195, Philips RQ 1150, Philips RQ 1175

SensoTouch 2D - Shave Quality90%
SensoTouch 2D - Appearance80%
SensoTouch 2D - Price60%
SensoTouch 2D - customer review 90%

Philips SensoTouch 3DShaver Philips Sensotouch 3D

One of the flagship product by Philips brand in the assumptions which have to fight against Braun Series 7. This is one of the most technologically advanced product where you can find many systems which helps achieve very close shaving. The main development is latest Flex 3D Gyro system, where they put moving elements above the blades and the head capable of move in three dimensions easily which certainly helps shave especially hard to reach areas like neck and sideburns. New thing in comparison with Senso Touch 2D ergonomic handle named Easy Grip, as well as precision trimmer built into the device. Most of this type of series is equipped with a adjusted unit Jet Clean which excellently servicing and clean the product. Philips electric shaver SensoTouch 3D has the ability to dry shave and also wet. It has also been slightly modernized the cutting system, which was named Ultra Track and even better performs in practice. Shaving is very close even on much longer hair and combined all the things shave very quickly. Related with such high quality is unfortunately the price, where the highest models reach very high level. Feedback from customers is very positive and sometimes there are opinions that it is the best model available for sale on the market.

Pros: functionality, comfort, appearance, quality of shaving

Cons: price, price of spare parts

Products: Philips RQ 1250, Philips RQ 1275, Philips RQ 1280

SensoTouch 3D - Shave Quality100%
SensoTouch 3D - Appearance90%
Senso 3D - Price30%
SensoTouch 3D - customer review 95%

Philips Shaver series 9000Philips Shavers Series 9000

Very new position in portfolio of Philips Shavers. According producer this is the most advance Philips electric shaver available currently in the markets. The unique contour of face detection technology provides a unique adaptation to the shape of the face, and the V-Track system distributes hair, allowing cutting so close as it wasn’t possible in the past.

Pros: appearance, quality of shaving

Cons: price, price of spare parts

Products: Philips Series 9000 S9031, Philips Series 9000 S9111

SensoTouch 9000- Shave Quality100%
SensoTouch 9000- Appearance95%
Senso- Price30%
SensoTouch 9000 - customer review 96%

Philips Shaver is an example of innovative ways of defining a new standard in facial skin care

You can also talk about some added value when it comes to comfort such equipment. Decent high-quality electric shaver Philips does not need unnecessary ceremony in the form of creams or foams shaving, no need to worry or access to water. It’s definitely exalts the prospect of using such shaver, over use of the classical solutions. This is a solution for strong man and life oriented for high-quality results. We must admit that in this philosophy Philips shavers looked fantastic. The future and the new standard in everyday life will be electric models that allow each user to feel special and extremely neat. As you can imagine this is a desirable feature not only in the labor market, but also in various other contexts. With enormous focus on male-female relationships, for which the well-groomed appearance may be the key too many exciting situation. Well do not forget the magic of first impression, which will be the stronger the more effort we put in prior preparation.

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