Merkur 34c heavy duty classic review – a razor you can depend upon


Merkur – the name needs no introduction. Whenever you think of razors made from German craftsmanship Merkur comes to mind. Merkur signifies world’s finest shaving equipments known for their durability and quality. Merkur 34C is a fine specimen of engineering knowhow of Merkur. Let us find out more about this razor and what people really think about it.

Merkur HD 34C razor – the best you can get

Merkur 34C heavy duty razors are one of the most popular razors in the world. Since past decade, the razor is occupying a prominent place in the market. There are few things that have contributed to its popularity – well constructed, affordable and simple to use.

The industrial looking Merkur 34C is one of the best double edged safety razors you can find in the market today. Made in Germany, it is durable and affordable. Made from stainless steel, it has a sleek appearance that appeals to men who love simple yet functional looks.

Merkur 34C costs less than most of the other brands but that does not mean it compromises with quality. In fact, 34C is known for its performance. It ensures close shave without any chance of harming yourself.

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Pros and cons of Merkur 34C

Pros of Merkur 34c HDLet us now find out the pros and cons of Merkur 34C.

Let’s start with the design. Merkur 34C is celebrated for its stainless steel design. The sleek design is so popular that other DE razors often consider it as a benchmark. The design also helps men to shave without cutting themselves. Beginners find this razor helpful to learn the art of shaving.

Merkur 34C is characterized by a shorter handle which actually helps the beginners. The diamond pattern on the handle is lauded as it provides extra grip when the razor gets slippery from soap.

34C is heavier compared to other razors from Merkur and hence it can shave without applying any extra pressure. The design also facilitates full control.

Men who shave daily or have heavy beard find Merkur 34C perfect for superior shaving.

Other than the short handle there are no cons of this shaving tool. People find it easy to use; replacing the blades is easier too.

Differences between Merkur 33C and 34C

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Why people prefer Merkur 34C so much? Is there any special reason for their love for this razor? How is Merkur 33C? Are you confused whether to buy 34C or 33C? Let’s clear all your doubts. Merkur 33C and 34C have same heads. 34C comes with a thicker handle and thus is heavier. Other than this, there is very little difference between the two razors.

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Merkur 34C or 38C- the debate continues

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Many people want to know whether 34C is better than 38C. Let us compare these two models also so that they can take a better buying decision. 38C and 34C have similar heads but 38C comes with a long handle. Guys with big palms often prefer to have a long handle.

However, there are men who continue to use 34C in spite of having a big palm. They simply change the way they grip the razor and are quite satisfied with the performance of the shaving tool.

So, it actually depends on you which razor would suit your need. So, always go through the pros and cons and select one that fits your requirements and budget too.

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Customer reviews on Merkur 34C – dependable source of information

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Merkur Heavy Duty 34C Merkur 34C being such a widely loved and used razor has quite a few number of fans. Most of them have posted their reviews online for others to learn. These reviews are very informative and help others to decide which razor would satisfy their needs.

Most people who use Merkur 34C love classic style of shaving. They like the feel of holding this heavy razor with a stainless steel finish. Some men have stuck to the Merkur models due to the clean shave they get from these razors. 34C is a simple razor and that appeals to many men.

Men who have to shave daily prefer to use this heavy duty tool as it ensures smooth and flawless shave without harming the skin.

You would also find reviews by men who have started using 34C after getting dissatisfied with modern and light razors. They love the feeling 34C generates and have vowed to stick to it.

You can go through the reviews and find out the pros and cons of choosing Merkur 34C. These reviews also share how to use 34C for best results. In a nutshell, they are treasures when it comes to knowing 34C closely.

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Merkur 34C - customer review 92%

Merkur 34C – one of the best products in UK

Are you looking for a reliable and original safety razor that would provide clean and smooth shave? Here is Merkur 34C, hand-crafted at Germany and one of the best shaving tools that you can rely upon. It is heavy, reassuring to grip and gives great shave year after year.

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