Merkur Futur Safety Razor review: Why is it so beautiful?

Merkur Future safety razor review

The Merkur Futur Safety Razor brings together brilliant artmanship and utility in a seamless manner. Extremely, unique aspects of this safety razor have itself represented with a close observation at the cutting head of the Merkur Futur.

Elegantly suitable, especially for men with big hands, this is the ideal razor since it comes with bulky and large cutting head. This has been created to ensure that it is extended and passes the width of the best double edge razor itself. While talking of technicalities, there is something beyond its elegant sharp lines and expression of the prime of masculinity. The handle of the razor comes with uniquely numbered settings which go from 1 to 6, plus half marks between each number. This gives it a rather macho feel and design while its glistening metal body makes sure to lend it an aura of elegance and sheer beauty.

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The Luxurious Merkur Futur

The Merkur Futur Safety Razor is a top of the art luxury razor. Besides its sheer beauty, it comes with an adjustable head which is way more useful than you may reckon. Different razors have different blade gaps but unlike those the Merkur Futur has a blade gap that is not fixed. This makes it a personalized razor from the word go- as if it has truly been designed to exclusively suit your needs. That spells out luxury like nothing else.

The Merkur Futur Safety Razor gives you a unique choice in terms of geometry. The sides give you leverage in terms of whether you wish to go with the grain or against the grain. And both work with equal finesse. Thus, upping the ante on the personalization bit. While rotating the head, to make sure that you do not hurt yourself in anyway and thus promising a great shaving experience, the Merkur Futur comes with an indented grip on the sides of the head, immediately below the blade. This ensures that your fingers won’t slip and it is easy and natural to keep your skin away from the blade edges.

Thus, it is a razor,that looks good, feels good and is designed to meet YOUR needs.

Pros/Cons of Merkur Futur Razor

Merkur Futur polished

Easy to change the blade

One of the best things about the Merkur Futur is its usage comfort. Absolutely easy to change the blade, this is one razor that will save you time when you are aiming for the closest shave.


Hefty razor that cuts close

Given its torque, it makes sure you get an extremely close shave, thus doing away even with the 5 o’ clock shadow and giving you most presentable and professional appearance at all times.


Well built

Designed to impress, this razor is built to last. Most importantly it has finesse in its craftsmanship thus making it a razor which you can take pride in owning.


Looks great

If there is one thing absolutely going for this razor it is its sheer beauty. While you may have wondered if beauty can just be feminine, this razor is here to prove you wrong.



While this razor has everything going for it especially because of its hefty design, it can be an issue for men who may prefer sleeker shaving gear. Due to its sheer bulk, it also may take some practice to maneuver the point beneath your nose.


Needs maintenance

The razor needs maintenance on a regular basis to make sure its rotating function is intact. A wash and regular toothbrush clean is recommended.



Because of its finish, some users have found the razor slippery and it is recommended to dry your hands thoroughly before using it.

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Overall, the Merkur Futur is considered to be a great razor to have in your arsenal. May take a bit of getting used to, but still well worth the money, nevertheless!

What are the differences between Merkur Progress vs Futur?

You may be trying to choose between two premium products from the house of Merkur- The Merkur Progress and the Merkur Futur. Here are the differences:
Futur is 10cm in length, and 135gr in weight; whereas progress is smaller: 8.25cm and 90gr.
Futur is a little more expensive than Progress.
While Progress by itself is considered a very well designed and attractive looking razor, Futur is considered the one of the most striking designs.
If you are a queasy about adjusting razors given the high chances of accidental cuts in the process, Progress is a safer bet as its adjusting knob is at the bottom unlike the Futur which has it near the head.

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Merkur Futur is available in gold, polished and matt version

While it would be wholly upon your preference which version of the Merkur Futur you’d like to go for, it is most interesting to note that it is available in Gold, Polished and Matter versions also known as the Gold, Satin and Chrome respectively. There is also a higher end, gold plated version for connoisseurs!

Merkur Futur Gold

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Merkur futur shiny chrome

Merkur Futur Shiny

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Merkur Futur Polished

Merkur Futur Polished

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Merkur Futur Mat Chrome

Merkur Futur Matt

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Customer reviews give us good clear information

Various users and experts across different forums and gentlemen societies have discussed their usage of the Merkur Futur and some of the reviews give us a great idea about how the razor actually is. Here is a glimpse

The Futur is a great razor. A knurled handle would really be the icing on the cake

I really like mine and the fact that one can mow down thirty six hour growth in one swipe. Awesome razor.

I have rediscovered by Futur after having sidelined it for a few years. I think I needed to have my technique develop before I could appreciate the aggressiveness of the Futur.

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Merkur Futur customer reviews 4.4 / 5

Summary for Merkur Futur review


We Like

Looks Great

Well built

Easy changing blades



We dont like





Most of the Job was done without any problems



Looks great and cost is also great



To have it in good shape you need to spend much time

Customer Reviews


German quality with outstanding look

Merkur Futur is easy beutifull choice and easy available in UK

Merkur, an elite razor brand based out of Germany retails out of several outlets both on and off the internet. The Futur is precisely engineered and advertised as “environmentally compatible,” since the steel is not combined with plastic or other materials and is easily available in the UK.
To top it off, it is highly recommended if you are an experienced wet shaver who would like to add a solid and well-built adjustable razor to your rotation.

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