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Merkur Razor

Shaving is a activity that every man makes everyday. A proper shaving gives a better skin condition and a nicer skin appearance. The safety razor is a showcase evidence of attention to the appearance and comfort of your own skin. Ideal razor should be matched to any man very individually. Traditional razors are the most ecological and economical way to shave. The basic feature is the lack of jams caused by the blade. A very important element is the comb. Open comb is definitely recommended for experienced users, because the ability to jam the razor is great. Open comb can also face very tight jam because of this you need to very careful when shaving. This comb is recommended for men with a hard or a few days beard. Closed comb is good for daily shaving. Machines can be divided into one, two or three part. The number of parts is related to the ease razor. The best place for the production of razors is Germany. It is connected with high quality steel, which is produced there. One of the German manufacturers of razors is Merkur Razor.

A few words about Merkur Razor.

Merkur Razors is part of Dovo, who was founded in 1906. DOVO is an independent concern headquartered in Solingen, Germany producing a variety of men’s grooming accoutrements including scissors and manicure tools. Its founders, Mr Dorp and Mr Voos used the first letters of their surname to name of their company. At the beginning, DOVO was purely a factory producing open razors, with a forge and hollow grinding shop. The founders employed 13 people. Shortly before the second World War Fritz Bracht took over the DOVO company. Fritz Bracht had to create a second source of income by producing hair scissors, because of the introduction of the electric razor. In 1951, the young technician joined the company. He went directly to local shops and salons in his own town and in large cities to learn everything he needed to know to manufacture a new type of hair scissors. He was a motivating force behind the production of scissors. He designed the EUREKA, a new model of scissors. This new object added to the range of DOVO’s products revived the company after the war. Ernst Kirschbaum, who had completed his law studies, joined the company in 1953. Together they wanted to revive the company and created new motto: “New names for new markets”. In 1996 they created Merkur Razor company. Since the death of Dr. Ernst Kirschbaum, his son Markus, who has a degree in commerce, runs the family concern with the long-time Managing Director Jürgen Stremmel. With the passing of time shaving has again become the main issue for Dovo. In 2013 DOVO focused their corporate accession to reestablish the Merkur brand as the world’s leading razor company. Merkur Razor offers its customers shaving equipment and brush, razor blades and shaving sets.

What is the best in Merkur Razors?

Merkur is an exclusive brand of Dovo Solingen producing the highest quality accessories for shaving. Merkur is a modern design and technological advancement of products. Solingen, from region in Germany, is the name of a legally protected and may use it only producers satisfying the stringent quality requirements. All new razors are made of plastic and have got a lot of accesories. But do they are good enough? Maybe yes untile you try shaving with Merkur Razor. Merkur Razors are designed with stainless steel and a single razor knife for a close and comfortable shave based on the balance provided by the razor handle. Using this high quality tool, you will reduce considerably ingrown hairs, post-shave pimples or razor bumps. The construction is very solid, so there is no flexing or twisting when shaving and the satin or chrome finish allows it to just glide along the skin. The razor’s body is enough heavy, almost no emphasis is needed to shave. Merkur Razor has long been known for creating some of the best safety razors on the market. Their razor models range from classic heads to the super popular adjustable and butterfly heads. Their Merkur HD safety razors are the best for beginners and experts, while their Merkur Vision has been featured on television shows and has even been voted as the best safety razor on the market. Merkur Razors are well built and will become you’re the best friend for a long time. This will be the best razor you will ever used. Merkur Razors is precision, durability and quality for years.

Review of the best merkur razors.

Merkur Razor 41CThe Merkur 41C based on the classic Gillete from 1904. It is the open comb version of the Merkur 1904 Safety Razor. This razor uses double edge blades for a close and comfortable shave. It has got comfortable handle with non-slip, soft bumps formed in a decorative pattern. Open comb razors are excellent for heavy beards but they are recommended for more experienced users who are comfortable using a standard closed comb. Merkur 41C is a very popular and acclaimed customer model, because of the reference to the original product Gillette.

Merkur 41C - customer review 88%

Merkur razors 23CNext is the Merkur 23C. It is one of Merkur’s best selling double edge safety razors. The 23C safety razor is the long handled. The close comb razor allows for a close shave without being overly aggressive. The long handle is comfortable for those that prefer the longer grip. It’s a simple three piece razor with diamond etching for a good grip. It also includes a comb guard to help the blade from getting too close to the skin. Performance wise you will get a great shave with little irritation. The Merkur 23C has earned the respect and gratitude for it’s high quality and great realization. If you’re looking for an easy, super smooth shave from one of the best safety razors on the market, you have to turn to Merkur 34C.

Merkur 23C/180 Long Handed - customer review 80%

Merkur DE razors 34CIt is one of the most popular razors in the Merkur line. This heavy weight razor is well balanced and has a feeling of pure quality in hand. The Merkur 34C has a classic head that is easy to use and gives a close and comfortable shave. Its features a striking non slip handle plus an adjustable twist and release mechanism to easily insert your favorite blades. The razor has a classic head that is easy to use and gives a close and comfortable shave. The Merkur 34C is a very smooth and mild shave, and the engineering of the head really shines through. It has a great feel to it. It is nice and heavy so its really easy to use since the weight of it allows you to apply the lightest amount of pressure and it does the rest. The thick handle and fixed blade exposure make the Merkur 34C the ideal first razor for a beginner. The Merkur 34C is well made, simple to use and perfectly built.

Merkur 34C - customer review 92%

Merkur safety razor 39CNext famous razor is the Merkur 39C. It is a chrome finished two-piece double edge razor. It is a longer handled version of the 37C with a slanted blade exposure. The slanted head exposes more of the blade at one end and is very similar to the cutting angle of a straight (cut-throat) razor. This means it is ideal for cutting through heavy beards and tough stubble. The bar on this razor is slanted to provide a more agressive shave. The Merkur 39C is designed with a non-slip grip. It is also highly regarded as one of the best razors for sensitive skin. It’s heavy head means that the experienced shaver only has to use light pressure to get the best shave.

Merkur 39C - customer review 94%

Merkur Safety razors FuturWe can buy the Merkur Futur too. It is a best selling adjustable safety razor and is available in both chrome and satin finish. This razor is adjustable to all skin types. The Merkur Futur has a dial on it with six settings to adjust to a face contour and type of beard. The adjustment allows for a closer shave. The Merkur Futur has a superb mirror finish, it looks and feels like the superbly manufactured item that it is. The Merkur Futur manages to combine revolutionary craft and performance in a design. Because of its snap top head, the Futur’s double-edged blades can be readily changed, and the innovative handle conception offers command and comfort in the grip. The Merkur Futur is compatible with all safety razor replacement blades.

Merkur Futur - customer review 88%

Merkur razor VisionNext is the Merkur Vision. It is known to many as a wonder of the shaving world. This state of the art razor is designed with full adjustability, so that the blade angle can cater to the unique contour of your face. This razor allows you to change the angle and blade gap of the blade to find the setting that gives you the closest, most comfortable shave. The revolutionary design allows for a boldly close and comfortable shave. It is a heavy safety razor with a long handle which allows for a comfortable grip. Certainly, every man finds razors for himself.

Merkur Vision - customer review 80%

The best choice – Merkur Razor

If you’re prone to razor bumps or ingrown hairs, or if you just want the closest shave possible and have time to spare, a double-edge safety razor might be your best route, you should choose the Merkur Razor. Traditional shaving is a time-consuming process. Many proponents of this method of shaving come to value the traditional aspect of this approach as much as the quality of the shave. It’s also the most environmentally friendly option because you’re replacing only a single, small razor blade every week or so as opposed to a whole. Merkur Razors are available in various lengths of handles. Safety razors comes in two types of handle thicknesses too. We choose what we need. If your razor often slips off your hand while shaving, the Merkur razor with “Comb Bar” will allow proper grip and will allow smooth shave. One of the reasons this is among the best safety razor options on the market is Merkur Razor will give you a closer shave than even the most advanced disposable blade, but doesn’t takes time, patience, and experimentation to get the best results, which is to be expected with another razors. Merkur Razor can give you the perfect shaving effect. Merkur Solingen is the highest quality and durability for years to come. Merkur razors are the perfect choice for lovers of traditional art of wet shaving. Especially recommended to shave facial hair hard and difficult. Merkur Razor is an excellent idea for every man.

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