Philips BT5260/33 Style Xpert Precision Stubble Trimmer another choice from Philips

philips bt5260/ 33 style xpert precision stubble trimmer

Yet another device from Philips to meet your need for your beard’s grooming and styling needs.  Yes, as the name suggests it, it is a great device that trims with perfect precision. The user of this device can adjust the cutting lengths. The device will give you exactly the trim you are looking for with its great precision under your control.

One can switch between trimming and detailing with the help of the dual-sided reversible trimmer. It is a high-performance device, which is easy to use. The product is low on maintenance and skin-friendly. Philips BT5260/33 discount link

Why is Philips Perfect Precision Trimmer BT5260/33 popular in UK

philips style xpert bt5260/33With its perfect precision trim, the product seems to have won hearts of many users worldwide.  The cutting length is adjustable and can go be adjusted till 0.2 mm steps between 0.4mm and 1 mm and set at 0.5 mm steps between 1 mm and 5 mm, and at last in 1 mm steps between 5 mm and 10 mm. This is what gives you the best of perfect precision with control.  With such settings you can always guarantee yourself the trim that you want.

The trim length is adjustable. You can select the trim length; as per you need, as this device comes with 17 lock-in length settings. Turn the zoom wheel on the handle you will observe that you’re the length is also getting displayed on it, the chosen length will locked in when it reaches your desired length.

As mentioned earlier it is skin-friendly along with high performance to back it up.  The blades in the device are so placed that they brush against each other while you are using the device to trim your beard.  The blades of the device always stay extra-sharp and hence cut beard hair neatly and effectively. The tips of the blades are round in shape and the device also has a comb that prevents skin irritation while trimming.

When you take out the adjustable length comb; you can see is a dual-sided precision trimmer below it.  On one side of the trimmer is 32 mm high performance trimmer and when you turn it around, there is a 15 mm wide precision trimmer that is perfect for smaller spaces for instance around lips and under the nose.

The trimmer is so designed as to give very close cut while protecting your skin. The ideal size and angled shape of the product makes it easy for you to see what you are doing for fine lines.

The beard comb is also designed as such it gives you complete control to trim you beard evenly and in desired shape.

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The Pros and Cons of Philips BT5260/33 Style Xpert Precision Stubble Trimmer


  • It comes with a 2-year worldwide guarantee along with worldwide voltage compatibility.
  • The product is built to last and you do not need to oil them ever.
  • The product can be used in both manners as recharged and while corded
  • Once you have charged the device for 60 minutes, it can be used up to one hour cordless without running out of charge.
  • It has been built so that is waterproof hence making it easier for the user to clean it.
  • The beard trimmer comes with 0.2 mm precision settings and a full metal dual-sided trimmer
  • The trimmer gives a good and even finishing
  • The products design is simple with an easy lock for the length setting and it is also easy to keep clean Philips BT5260/33 discount link


  • When you to use the other side of the blade you need to remove the clipper that definitely makes it a time taking process.
  • The design of plastic trimmer head s bit of hindrance. When using is fr close trimming like moustache, the fins catch and cut the lips.
  • It is not very comfortable to hold for longer periods
  • The product doesn’t come with a dock or anything to keep it upright while charging.
  • The size of the product is quite big for a beard trimmer
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How is the availability of spare parts of Philips BT5260/33 Style Xpert Precision Stubble Trimmer

The product comes with two years guarantee hence in case of damages as permissible under manufacturers booklet you can get free replacement.

The spare parts are available in authorized dealers of Philips and orders can also be places online. Along with that there are various online portals that sell Philips products spare parts.

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Customers’ reviews on Philips BT5260/33 Style Xpert Precision Stubble Trimmer

philips bt5260 precision stubble beard trimmer review

The product has received much positive response from its users. Here are a few of the responses of the customers.

It has been called a good beard trimmer, one doesn’t need to change the clipper size, and one does it for all sizes. The battery life of the product is a also good.

Another customer said overall it is not a bad trimmer with good functionality at a good price.

The customers who have already used Philips products said that this product is a significant improvement on previous models. It is quiet, stylish and charges in a very short time. The adjuster is very positive and the minimum setting produces fine and even stubble.

Another satisfied customer mentioned that he is really impressed by this model – for the first time it gave him flexibility on how to style his beard. He also expressed he likes the concept of the reversible trimmer.

There are multiple positive responses on he functionality and design of the trimmer. For instance a customer mentioned that the lock in length setting gave him a comfortable shave over the longer parts of the beard, such as the chin, without the ‘pulling’ sensation that he had experienced with other trimmers. It also allowed him to be much more accurate on the close shave on the neck, below the beard line, and again is easier on the skin than other trimmers. The reversible head is also really helpful in keeping the more awkward spots around the nose and lips tidy.

The product also seems to have a much longer battery life than most of the previous trimmers, hence lesser last minute charging in the morning before work.

The only common complaint that could be observed given by customers is related to the design of the product. Some said it is not meant for longer duration usage.

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Philips BT5260/33- customer reviews 4.0 / 580%

Why does Philips BT5260/33 Style Xpert Precision Stubble Trimmer has positive feedback

Many have applauded the product. It has received positive feedback in its range of devices, mostly for its value for money. Another asset that this product possesses is the life long hassle free maintenance, there is no need to oil the blades or sharpen them.  The battery life of the product is long- lasting.

It is ideal for close and precise cut without resulting in skin irritation of any sort. With so many feathers in its cap, it must be a promising product to give a try.

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