Philips BT9280 Laser Guided Trimmer Review – New generation of Philips Trimmer!

philips bt9280 laser guided trimmer review

The Philips BT9280 laser guided trimmer had caught most people off guard at the time of its launch. Some people were enticed and some were rather skeptical. Many thought: wait, is that laser? As more and more people started using the Philips BT9280 laser guided trimmer, it became apparent that this nifty device was the new generation of trimmers, not just for Philips but for its competing brands as well.

In our Philips BT9280 laser guided trimmer review, we shall look into its features, discuss the pros and cons, decipher its popularity and will tell you if you should lay your hands on it.

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Philips BT9280/33 Beard Trimmer is Popular among those who want that Cool Look

philips bt9280/33 series 9000 laser guided beard trimmerSporting a designer beard is any man’s wish. But normal trimmers and the traditional shaving techniques will never get you anywhere close to what Robert Downey Jr. sports as Iron Man, what Sylvester Stallone donned in Nighthawks, George Clooney in Syriana or what Ewan McGregor sported in Revenge of the Sith.

The trimmer has 17 lock-in length settings, ranging from 0.4 mm to 7 mm. There’s a convenient zoom wheel on the handle, an LED display showing the length setting you have chosen, it is waterproof so you can use it in the shower or anywhere near a water source without being anxious, you can also clean the trimmer with water without worrying about damaging the device, the steel blades are constructed deftly to be soft on the skin and they are very sharp so there is no irritation, sensation or even pinching feelings when you trim. The device is loaded with helpful features, from an LED battery level indicator to cordless use, only an hour to get recharged completely and an hour of usage subsequent to getting charged.

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Biggest Pros and Cons of Philips BT9280/33 Series 9000

There are many pros of Philips BT9280/33 Series 9000.

Lightweight, Comfortable, Easy to Use – It is lightweight. Using it is a breeze. The ergonomic design with the easy-to-grip handle makes trimming and cutting a cakewalk. The adjustable settings, the laser and the other features are all useful.

Solid Construction, Unbreakable – The quality of construction is great. You wouldn’t damage it or even cause a dent if you just happen to drop it.

Accessories are Helpful – The detailed comb is very useful to trim big chunks of hair. The beard comb is ideal for beard grooming.

The Laser is Great – The straight line facilitated by the laser makes it possible for you to have that designer cut. The laser does make a substantial difference and places the trimmer in a league apart from its peers.

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Also we can find some cons in that product.

A tad Expensive – One of the cons of Philips BT9280/33 is its price. It is not the most affordable of trimmers.

Descriptions in the Manual – While there are enough images in the manual to train anyone on how to use the trimmer, it could have done better with a bit more textual description.

No Travel Case – Philips has the money and the resources to pull in a travel case in the box. There isn’t one. It would have been nice to get pampered as a consumer.

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What is the Shaving Quality in Philips BT9280/33 Beard Trimmer with Laser Guard?

philips bt9280/33 beard trimmer with laser guardThe Philips BT9280 is the closest you can get to being at a salon where a celebrated hairstylist will be working on your beard and moustache. Whether you wish to sport a stubble or a finely cut moustache, the laser guided trimmer from Philips will weave its magic.

The Philips BT9280 offers laser precision symmetry which is really helpful for those who struggle to get the fine straight lines. You can trim or cut exactly where and what you want to trim or cut. The dual sided trimmer is a helpful feature. There’s a 32 mm high-performance trimmer on one side that is fast and can get you a very even trim. The 15 mm-wide precision trimmer on the other side is to perfect your look. Whether you have a tiny speck under your nose or some pesky bristle somewhere, the precision trimmer would be handy.

The laser is safe and has been tested for personal use without any professional training. Avoid looking at the laser or pointing it directly into the eyes and you are fine. The box containing the Philips BT9280 also contains a beard comb, a detail comb, a cleaning brush, a user manual and there is a 2 year guarantee.

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Philips BT9280/33 Series 9000 Laser Guided Beard Trimmer has many Positive Feedbacks and Customers like this Product!

The Philips BT9280 is already a bestseller. It is vanishing from the shelves and most people who have used it have endorsed it wholeheartedly. Some do wish the trimmer to be a tad cheaper but the quality, convenience and efficacy more than make up for the cost.

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Philips BT9280/33- customer reviews 4.1 / 582%

Philips BT9280/33 Beard Trimmer with Laser Guard Review

It is a popular device, it has received tons of glorious and endorsing reviews from experts and consumers alike, it is indeed a friend in need for most men, especially for those who love sporting a beard. Is it worth buying? Absolutely, if you are into regular trimming that is.

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