The Philips QG3362/23 Review – The Best For You?

Trying Something New – The Philips QG3362/23 comparison

Every man needs a multi groom device, especially in today’s time. Want to trim the hair, get a nice shave, rid yourself of those pesky nose hairs? Having each device itself would be a nuisance. We’re a society that has consolidated everything into the “All in One” spectrum to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, we have to also remind ourselves that not everything made solely for our convenience is; in actuality, convenient.

Though the QG3362/23 comes with various attachments, we have to balance out what we’re seeing as compared to what we’re getting when it comes to the multigroom kit, and how it fits into our lives.

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Pros and Cons The best and the worst of things of Philips QG3362/23

remington contour mb4030 ceramic beard trimmer


Meaning that it can be put into luggage or a carry on with relative ease



Meaning that use in the shower is optional and saves time


Battery light

Lets you know when it’s about to expire, and boasts a quick charge for this cordless wonder


To small size

Yes, it is compact, but for people with bigger hands, there’s more uncertainty using such a diminutive device


Battery Life

Is not as long as people expected, meaning that the quick charge feature is meaningless. If it hits full power in only 5 minutes and drains in 2…there is going to be frustration in those regards


No oil to lubricate

The disclaimer that it needs no oil to lubricate the blades sounds great, but consumers are strongly advised to keep the blades well lubricated.

Philips QG3362/23 in the UK – How it fares

The UK like the US, are very opinionated about the grooming tool. While many have taken to the Philips brand (mainly out of name recognition), the majority again like the ease of being able to use the waterproof tool, and that it comes with nose hair trimmers, edgers, and the like. Some feel it’s close to having a “professional” barber kit, and it’s consistent discounts given by UK websites has made it very popular for mass purchase. The main – and possible regular – complaint is that sometimes the Philips QG3362/23 doesn’t come equipped to handle the European outlets, forcing UK buyers to buy converters. While there have been some that have been shipped with the required conversion, it seems a great many have not. This in itself doesn’t seem to be affecting the overall sales, seeing as the adapter is easy to find, and there has been no results of adverse actions. Without the adapter, the multigroomer simply cannot be used.

Competition for the Philips QG3362 grooming kit

Unlike many of the others, the QG3362/23 comes not only with a charging station you can put all your implements on, it also comes with a small travel bag. And the price helps beat out the competition, such as the Remington Hair Trimmer, which boasts the same capabilities, but costs more and has less equipment. The most substantial competition that the Philips has to date would be the Wahl Triple Play Groom set, which while boasts a steeper price, beats out the multigroomer in power and sustainability.

General Reviews for the QG3362/23

The reviews are mixed: many like the price and that is compact, but some have complained about the difficulty of using some of the attachments while others have loved it. Some have praised the easy cleaning and base, while others have decided to go with the more expensive models rather than use Philips QG3362/23, citing only name recognition.

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Philips QG3362/23 Multigroom Kit customer reviews 4.2 / 5

Biggest competitors of Philips QG3362/23 Multigroom Grooming Kit are:

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Summary for Philips Multigroom QG3362 review


We Like





We dont like

Battery life is to short

Sometimes its slip when use



Its a Philips



Good price for that kind of Kit



Can fall down because it can be to slippery

Customer Reviews


Sometimes could couse problems, average quality

Overall thoughts about the Philips QG3362/23

This supposed to be something that you can use at leisure, but seems that it sometimes makes life more difficult. Many people who own one have stated that they use it “once in a blue moon”; because of some the problems that come with trying to trim and shape a mustache, or trim already short hair. It’s not really a matter of whether or not these complaints are widespread or even the majority: it’s the fact that they have been discussed at length time and time again, and it seems that Philips continues to produce this same item with the same flaws. It could be that its popularity is more widespread than any reviews on the Internet. While it’s always said to be true: a business’ success – or failures – don’t always rest on the Internet alone. Convenience combined with a generous warranty, and an affordable price goes a long way with many people, and that matters in the end. While I certainly am not a fan of this particular piece of equipment, I cannot tell anybody not to use for any reason. Try it out, see for yourself. After all, it is you putting out your money, and you deciding whether it works for your particular hygiene needs or not.

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