Philips QT4005 stubble trimmer- General feelings and review

Philips has managed to create a solid mark in the market of electric shavers and trimmers for a long time. As a result, when they came up with their latest series of stubble trimmers, they had everything to lose. With the market for shavers expanding and the consumers demanding for a smoother shaving and trimming experience, the prestige of a company alone is not going to be sufficient to stay afloat. With the Philips QT4005 stubble trimmer however, the company seems to have made some ground and seems to be heading in the right direction.

The trimmer is noticeable for smoother feel on the hand, in comparison to its predecessor. There are subtle technological adjustments as well. The locking length adjustment button is made to be more receptive in the new QT4005. A total of 20 lock-in settings from 0.5mm to 10mm are available to make sure that a consumer could experiment with different cuts and lengths to alter the appearance. With the ability to use without the cord, the portability factor is likely to make the trimming experience more convenient.

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Pros and cons of Philips QT4005/13 beard and stubble trimmer


Smooth feel

The unique Philips design is there to make sure that the trimming experience is convenient with the easy to handle design.


Cordless use

The device is designed to be used cordlessly after charging. Therefore, portability is never a matter.


Fast trimming

Philips QT4005 trimmer has extra sharp cutting ability, which makes smooth cutting and trimming possible without having to spend too much of time. Ideally ,two minutes would be all you want to get your trimming done to the perfect length as you prefer.


Disposable razors

The razors are easily removable and, once they have run their course, you can easily replace them and have a brand new pair of blades on your trimmer.


Budget friendly

As an entry level trimmer, Philips QT4005 does a good job with the budget conscious customer by providing a quality trimmer for a decent price that won’t be forcing to break a bank.


Poor battery life

It would take around 10 hours to fully charge the battery and it would hold a bit more than 45 minutes, which can be expected to go further down over time with the natural wear and tear. . In comparison to some of the top of the class trimmers and shavers that are available in the market, Philips QT4005 lags back with the juice it can pack.

Philips QT4005 trimmer- General feelings about quality of shaving and trimming

Philips QT4005 comes with a good build quality that feels easy and steady on the hand the trimming that has a wide span from 0.5mm above with 20 different modes, the trimming experience can be rated as satisfactory. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get a quality trimming out of the Philips QT4005 with razor sharp blades. The comb that comes with the package makes sure that the cutting and trimming is done with precision. Philips claims that the blades are rounded at the top. However, the same may not be applicable to the edges , which could be something that’s put into the appliance with the need to trim facial hair is concerned. if you plan to remove body hair, , using the clipper would be a good option.

In what areas Philips QT405 beard trimmer is better than biggest competitors

Low price tag

This is an area that Philips has captured firmly with QT4005 trimmer. The trimmer comes at a moderate price which would attract consumers who don’t want to spend too much of money on a trimmer. However, it attracts the budget conscious consumers with its good quality , which makes a consumer feel that they are getting a good bargain with a good quality product for an attractively low price tag.

Ease of cleaning

There are high end products that take care of themselves. Yet, for the average person, cleaning a trimmer shouldn’t be that complicated. The QT4005 is designed in a way that the blades are easily removable and can be cleaned without hassle. If you use an air blower that would make things even easier.

General feelings on Philips QT4005/15 trimmer by customer reviews

Philips QT4005 trimmer comes across as a trimmer that’s made for the everyday consumer, and it’s well received that way. The loyal consumership of Philips laud the trimmer that has a reputation to last for years with its good build quality. The impeccable shaving and trimming is certainly helping the case. However, some might not be all that happy with the fact that it can’t be used whilst charging, in addition to the fact that the battery power is not the best, in comparison to some of the front line trimmers available in the contemporary market. However, the convenience in the user friendly design as well as the simple comfort as a trimmer, the QT4005 receives high recommendations everywhere.

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Philips QT4005 stubble trimmer customer reviews 3.5 / 5

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Summary for Philips QT 4005 review


We Like

Price is really afforable

Fast and quality trimming



We dont like

Poor battery life



Fast and nice trimming



Really afforable price



Battery durability is not good

Customer Reviews


For that price you cannot expect more

General conclusion about Philips QT4005 stubble trimmer

Philips QT4005 might not stand against some of the latest trimmers and shavers that are intended to be used by the most technology savvy consumers with the ability to pay a high price for that. However, since the QT4005 comes from a company that’s known to produce electric appliances that are known to last, the trimmer inevitably becomes an attractive option. Especially if you’re not bothered about the cutting edge technology that most brands and high end models boast of possessing when it comes to the simple act of having your facial hair or body hair removed on a daily basis. The product would also sit just right for a consumer who would want to spend a little on an appliance such as a trimmer and expect it to do the job without a hassle.

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