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Most men today are choosing to grow mustache or beard because of what it symbolizes. Sporting a beard or mustache further shows a man’s masculinity. But, choosing to grow face hair comes with the necessity to maintain and keep it well-groomed. What’s the best way to do that than a beard trimmer? It is true that the market now is filled with a wide selection of beard trimmer products.

No matter how wide its variety is, a strong a reputable brand name will always be the top choice for most consumers. That’s what the Remington brand is. Consequently, you will find quick reviews below regarding the best Remington beard trimmer. This is made to help you decide which to purchase in case you are planning to buy your first unit or about to replace your old one.

Beard Trimmer Remington – Brand

Beard trimmer Remington products are developed to take care of your grooming and shaving needs. No matter product or beard trimmer you choose, expect that you will look at your best when you use it. Presently, the brand already has a wide selection of innovative products offered for consumers like you. But even as the brand started, it showed just how focused it was in offering men-related products. Most of the products offered by the brand now are for men. But, it is a brand that already caters the needs of women as well.

The name “Remington” did not start by being associated to personal care products initially. The name was first associated to the E. Remington and Sons, a company that has been known for making firearms and it was founded in 1816. Initially, the company is focused on making the said products, but it was also venturing into making other products, like farm implements and sewing machines occasionally. In all the side ventures the company did, it was the development of the typewriter featuring QWERTY keyboard that became the most significant.

Later on, E. Remington and Sons branched out in making filing cabinets, punched card, adding machines and other similar pieces of office equipment that made them a leading company. It was only when 1937 came when the company started with their personal care products. It was yet another branch to their spectrum of products, and the first ever electric shaver they made was the Remington Model E.

Several occurrences happened following the venture, which were all significant to the brand’s history. Among these occurrences was the level of profitable success achieved by the company when it became the Remington Products Company. Soon after that, the brand also ventured to offer other personal care small appliances by purchasing the Clairol’s.

When Victor Kiam died, the company sold to Rayovac. From there, the brand focused on marketing Remington electric shavers for men and women along with other more products, including hair clippers, mustache and beard trimmers, blow dryers and more.

Remington Precision Beard Trimmer – Technology and quality of shaving

remington beard trimmersBased from the brand’s history, it was only in the 90s when it ventured into other branches of appliances, like electric shavers for ladies. Presently, the Remington Products is no categorized into two divisions, which are the Personal Care and Wellness and Remington Shaving and Grooming. Both divisions and the products under it, like the beard trimmers, are still as popular as before.

Even after decades, the company succeeded in maintaining the use of only the highest level of materials, which now became part of each line and model’s featured integrated technology. Some examples of the high quality materials used by the company to make its known durable products are the self-sharpening coated blades made from titanium. Plus, there is also the hypoallergenic technology as well integrated in Remington models. Through this feature, the risk of suffering from skin irritation is likely reduced.

As for the durability of the products, Remington also integrated features that will help keep the unit’s performance while being used and even in the long run. A good example of this is the Lube for Life. It entails specially designed blades featuring lubrication grooves which work by constantly lubricating the blades even when being used.

This makes maintenance much easier while also ensuring good shaving experience. Such features just further help with providing users with incomparable shaving experience. Hence, if it is about shaving experience, consumers can trust that each of the features integrated in their Remington precision beard trimmer units are designed to offer just that.

Remington Beard Trimmer Charger and Spares availability

Remington precision beard trimmer is a recognized and trusted brand of such products in the United Kingdom. Even so, there is still one important factor that consumers must consider when buying these beard trimmers.

That factor is the availability of charger and spares in the United Kingdom. Although there are stores dedicated in providing Remington precision beard trimmer accessories, it cannot be avoided for some items to be out of stock at certain moments. Fortunately, consumers won’t have to worry about the availability of these Remington accessories for there are not a lot of UK-based online stores that offer a full stock of Remington chargers and spares for applicable units. At most, the only thing consumers need to do in order to obtain the needed Remington charger or spare is to browse through the offered selection.

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Remington Beard Trimmers – customer reviews

Customer reviews is one important factor that decides whether a product such as a beard trimmer, would be a good investment. It is also the information used by most customers to guide them on the buying process. All products from Remington are tested before released on the product. But, the real deal is what other customers who purchased a unit have to say about the product.

For instance with the MB320C, it has several significant points like the fact that it is a sturdy equipment and comes with excellent battery life. While the Remington MB4560 is known for giving good results for it can quickly and accurately trim beards. The Remington PG6130 is a quality product that can get your beard trimmed and in shape within just 20 minutes without encountering any issue concerning power loss.

As for the very handy Remington PG6030, it is also a product that offers a long lasting charge. Then there is the Remington MB4555 featuring a great touch control feature that allows users to set their preferred lengths. Plus, it also serves well in producing that good finish after trimming. These are just some of the basic things that customers appreciated about each of the product. Below, you will find out more of what each of the Remington beard trimmer unit is capable of.

Top and Best Beard Trimmer by Remington

remington precision beard trimmerRemington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer

There is a reason why Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer is one of the most popular choices among the brand’s beard trimmer products. As a beard trimmer, the unit boasts of blades that are ceramic coated and are placed together by using silica. Such feature is the same reason that gives the blades with longer-lasting, sturdy, self-sharpening blades. It has a gauge that adjusts depending on the pre-set length settings. Such variety of lengths makes it possible for the unit to cut hair between 1.5mm to 18mm.

While offered at an affordable price, it is still integrated with premium technology and multiple functionalities aimed at ensuring user’s trimming experience. Maintenance can also be done with ease in this product, made possible because of its Lube for Life technology. Most important of all, this unit is lightweight and sturdy, and using it to get your desired trim is done with ease with to its anti-slip grip.

Remington MB320C- customer reviews 4.4 / 588%

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remington beard trimmer

Remington MB4560 Touch Control Lithium Beard

There are three nice things users are sure to love Remington MB4560 Touch Control Lithium Beard. First is its superior technology, which is in the form of the Touch Logic 3.0 technology. This is designed to provide users with easy control over the unit. Gone are the days when beard trimmers are controlled by buttons. This unit only needs to be tapped on its touch-sensitive screen to gain control on the unit. Added to this, it is powered by the lithium batteries giving the unit a long run time as well as improved cutting strength.

It comes with a technology that also lets users enjoy a tailored shaving. It does not matter whether you want to sport a full beard, the shadow-type beard or just stubbles. The unit will help make it possible for you. This is made possible with its various length settings that allow you to achieve the needed trim depending on the beard style you wish to sport. Lastly, there’s the unit’s locking feature. This feature is made to keep your shaving experience as smooth as possible by preventing even the slightest slip that can ruin the beard style you are after.

Remington MB4560- customer reviews 3.8 / 576%

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remington beard trimmersRemington PG6130 Multi Groom

It is a personal grooming kit you can always count on to provide you the results you are after while also keeping your hair in check. As a multi-groom kit, it already has everything that you will need to cover your trimming needs. You only need to choose from the following options to get your trimming task done:

  • Main Trimmer (features 5 combs that comes with varying length options)
  • Linear Nose & Ear Trimmer
  • Mini Foil Shaver
  • Detail Trimmer

Since it is a kit, there’s no need to look for a good place where the unit can be stored because it already has its sleek, chargeable and compact storage stand for that. As a beard trimmer under the Remington Precision line, it not only offers precision but ultimate precision for a satisfying shaving experience.

Remington PG6130 Multi Groom- customer reviews 3.8 / 576% Remington PG6130 discount link

remington precision beard trimmerRemington PG6030 Edge All-in-1 Kit

This unit also provides the same benefit that the PG6130 unit can offer – versatility. That is because it is also a beard trimmer that offers more than just one function. In just a single unit, you will gain a hair clipper, beard trimmer and mustache shaper. Simply use either of the 2 combs it comes with or the applicable heads from the featured four attachment heads to get the task that you have in mind done. In the end, you will not only feel awed by the level of precision the unit can offer, but also with its ability to give you that clean and sharper finish.

The quality control it offers is also one of the reasons that make it possible to achieve such precise and clean trimming results. Get yourself a clean and sharp look every time using this unit with 40-minute runt time.

Remington PG6030 Multi Groom- customer reviews 3.6 / 572%

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Best Remington beard trimmersRemington MB4555 Touch Control Beard

There are several things users will certainly love about Remington MB4555 Touch Control Beard, and one of these is the fact that quickly charges. And even if it is already empty of charge, you can still use it by simply having it attached to its charger. It also features a touch control allowing you to choose based from the appropriate lengths. Adjustments do not require you to change attachments physically and instead, it can be accomplished electronically.

For your convenience, this unit is one of the Remington beard trimmers that do not require re-oiling. This is because of the blades of it has titanium coating which is also self-lubricating. The unit does not become greasy as well and it comes with oily smell after use which is common to other trimmers.

Remington MB 4555- customer reviews 3.1 / 562% Remington MB4555 discount link

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Remington Precision Beard Trimmer – The Verdict

Each of the Remington precision beard trimmer unit is designed and features its unique set of capabilities, making them ideal for a range of users. But, if you appreciate premium technology that offers both timeless design and convenience then the Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer is for you. It is also the ideal choice for consumers on a budget.

The Remington MB4560 Touch Control Lithium Beard is a superior beard trimmer, a fact supported with the excellent design it has. It only needs to be charged for 90 minutes to benefit from a 50-minute total run time. If you want some preference, the unit can give you that in the form of using it with cord or cordless. This is the best option for you if you need a beard trimmer that can help you achieve your desired trim each in an effortless manner.

The Remington PG6130 Multi Groom is for you if you want an all-in-one beard trimmer by your side all the time. It is not only versatile, but can also give you that comfortable clean-cut at all times. Effortlessly achieving your desired beard style and maintaining it excellently is not an easy task. But, that’s what Remington PG6030 Edge All-in-1 Kit make possible for you as you enjoy the convenience of a cordless beard trimmer.

The last of your options is the Remington MB4555 Touch Control Beard, which is the improved successor of the MB4550. It is a convenient option for users who are always in a hurry. While you are preparing for your morning routine, have the unit charged and after 70-90 minutes, you can start with your trimming task!

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