Remington F7800 Titanium-X Foil Shaver presentation and review

We present Remington F7800 Titanium-X Foil Shaver – a premium foil shaver for that exceptional shave

Remington is a well known name in the world of shavers. It offers different range of electronic shavers with varied features. The products from Remington are popular because of their state-of-the-art technology, reliability and affordability. Here is the latest addition to its hi-tech electronic razors, F7800 Titanium –X foil shaver. This is the most premium of the Remington X-series shavers that comes with triple shave technology that promises a really smooth shave.

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Remington F7800 Titanium-X Foil Shaver – the right choice in terms of price and quality


It is the advanced design that makes this shaver the best choice for you. The shaver comes with two steel foil trimmers and an intercept system that targets long hairs and gives a close shave. As an electronic razor, it gives superior performance with its unique flex and pivot technology.

Before you start wondering about this new concept let us tell you that this technology makes the neck pivot at multiple directions that adjusts to the different angles and contours of the face and neck. With Remington F7800 Titanium-X Foil Shaver you get comfortable and ultra-clean shaving experience.

The titanium coated trimmer blade lasts longer.

The shaver also comes with a popup trimmer that makes it easy for you to trim the sideburns, moustaches and beards with precision.

The dual foil shaver is low on maintenance. Regular washing in running water after every usage is enough to ensure that it keeps on giving you superior performance. Just dry it up before charging or using and store it in its pouch for safety.

Remington F7800 Titanium-X Foil Shaver, priced at medium price, provides good value for your money.

Both in terms of price and quality, it is the best choice for you.

Biggest Pros and Cons of Remington R7150 Titanium- X Rotary Electric Shaver


It is smart and easy to handle

The foils and the cutter give perfect shaving experience. The flex and pivot technology makes the shaver to remain in contact with the skin even around the neck and jaw line thus ensuring ultra close shave.


Quick charge

The shaver can be used up to 60 minutes and requires only 120 minutes of charging. The five minutes quick charge enables you to get a shave even when you do not have time to fully charge it. This is very useful for busy people or those who travel a lot. The kit comes with a charging stand. The travel pouch comes handy for people who travel a lot. The rubberized anti-slip grip ensures you get a good grip and shave effortlessly.


Universal charge

The charger is a universal one, so you can take to USA or Europe without any problem.


Lcd display

The LCD display helps in knowing the usage time remaining which is quite handy.


Titanium coating

The trimmer blade has titanium coating which increases its longevity.


Easy to clean

It can be cleaned by just washing in plain water.




IThe F7800 Titanium-X Foil Shaver is hardy enough and can be carried safely in your pocket. It’s less likely to get damaged even if it falls from the pocket




The trimmer is not that great, as some customers have opined.


Problem with replacement parts

Getting replacement may become an issue in some countries but in uk is available easy.


Need use it soon, wash it by brush

If you wash it in water you may not be able to use it soon as it would be wet. So, in that case, it is better to clean it with the brush.

Availability of Remington f7800 replacement foils or spares – concern for most customers

We know that before investing your money in any electronic shaver you would like to check whether replacements are available and their affordability also. The foil shaver is quite strong and may not need replacement in years.

However, all the parts are available at Remington website and in some stores also. They are moderately priced. Foil headguard, screens and cutters are available in the website. You just need to specify the model and get the right parts.

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Remington F7800 Titanium-X Foil Shaver reviews

This is perhaps the most heartening part. Most reviews of F7800 dual shaver are positive. The users are pretty happy with the product and its performance. They consider it a good investment for money. The users are happy with the close shave they are getting and also the quick charging feature. They find the LED display useful too. It’s better than the previous models and affordably priced.

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Remington F7800 customer reviews 4.3 / 5

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Summary for Remington F7800 review


We Like

Ergonomic design

Fast charge




We dont like

Availibility of replacement parts



Do good job



Quite expensive for that kind of product



Durability on very good level

Customer Reviews


Customers are really happy

Remington F7800 Titanium-X Foil Shaver – the right choice

If you are looking for a tool that aids in close shave, F7800 is for you. It is moderately priced and a high quality electronic razor that gives you nice shaves year after year without much maintenance.

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