Remington MB4030 Contour Beard Trimmer Review

Remington contour mb4030 ceramic beard trimmer

This is a review of a highly reasonable Remington beard trimmer, the MB4030. This product got many good feedbacks from those who bought it with most agreeing that it is a very fine shaver and perhaps the best value for money in its price range. We will take a closer look at its features and talk about its benefits and drawbacks.

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Remington Contour MB4030 Beard Trimmer Description and Overview

Remington shows its proficiency yet again with the latest MB4030 shaver. Judging by lots of positive feedback and high ratings, this electric shaver offers a great performance at a reasonable cost.

The MB4030 beard trimmer comes with 2 combs, one for beards measuring 0.5 to 5.5 millimeters and another one for any kinds of beards. It covers 1.5 up to 18 millimeters. The preferred length of beard is adjusted through undersized wheels which offer one benefit – the comb could not be adjusted once shaving, which is often the situation with merely constructed combs.

These plainly made combs that are only slipped on plastic rail are free to move once pressure is applied, leading to dread and well-known consequences.

Operating the Remington MB4030 is through the use of cable or through charging. This is one of the many reasons why many men love using this product. What is more, the blade coated with ceramic is very sturdy, sharp, self oiling and self sharpening.

This unit doesn’t just feel good when using, but it is also extremely easy to carry – a quality which is incredibly sign
ificant for a man who is busy and always on the go. It trims beard and hair cleanly with no painful plucking that is usually experienced when using a low quality beard trimmer. Like any other devices, the stroke of this beard trimmer is supplemented by the blade which is best utilized in wet shaving.

Biggest Pros and Cons of Remington MB4030 Ceramic Beard Trimmer

remington contour mb4030 ceramic beard trimmer

Long Lasting

Even if you charge this beard unit for a long period of time, there is no possibility of overheating.


Noise level

The level of noise is shown as 75 dB located at the base. This is an appropriate level, which is fine compared to other noise levels of trimmers available today.


Fast and Easy Cleaning

There’s a button that needs one press during cleaning of the machine to eliminate stubble or facial hair. Once pressed, you will be capable of removing the blades as well as the head for fast and easy cleaning.


Attention to Every Detail

In some areas which need extra care, there is a discerning intuitive pop-up cutter for fine detailing that make styling tricky sideburns a cinch. All you need to do is to pull the button back on the side of the unit to release the cutter.


Hard and Durable

What makes this special product from the rest is the fact that it is hard and durable. It is made from high quality materials, so if you accidently drop this unit on cement or tile, this will not be damaged.


Easy To Use

Compared to other products that require you to follow complicated steps just to use the machine, the Remington MB4030 is so easy to use. Just switch it on and that’s it.


Annoying noise

There is no doubt that Remington MB4030 is a very reliable beard trimmer and the performance and price is very acceptable – without a doubt the best quality from renowned companies. One major drawback is the loud noise which can be annoying for some people. The sound is dogged by the size of the beard and there’s a solution to that.


Problem with Button

Not veary easy to push button On and Off several times in one trimming

The Features of Remington Contour MB4030 Ceramic Beard Trimmer

The most outstanding features of the new Remington MB4030 beard trimmer take account of the following:

-Ceramic coated blades that offer sturdy and robust shaving experience

-It comes with an adjustable comb attachment that has scalable setting in order to accommodate all beard lengths.

-Cutter for long facial hairs which assists in getting an even shave

– What makes this product different is that it doesn’t need sharpening and re-oiling.

– Prior to using the product, you must charge if for about 14 to 16 hours. In case you could not wait that long, this device is provided with an AC adapter. Just wait 5 minutes and you can start trimming and cutting.

– It’s common to get bumps and burns from trimming because of the sharp edges as you try to navigate the shape of your face. This issue can be eliminated with the use of Remington MB4030 as this machine doesn’t have sharp corners and edges and as a result, you are safe from red stripes and bumps.

– Handling this device is so easy thanks to the rubberized base. So, you can use this device with comfort even if your hand is wet. Aside from this, the on and off switch is well placed in order to avoid accidentally switching it on and off. It also comes with a reachable stage regulation and clicks clearly once operated.

Customer Remington MB4030 reviews are mostly positive

There is no doubt that the Remington MB4030 is indeed one of the most valuable and effective beard trimmers from Remington. A lot of customers find it very reliable and useful. Out of 79 customers, 49 of them rated the product with five stars, 20 gave 4 stars and the rest gave 3 and 2 stars. Most Customer reviews are quite positive. However customers give feedback that sometimes it could be jammed very fast, Problems with button On/Off not easy to pushed back.

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Remington MB4030 customer reviews 4.2 / 5

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Summary for Remington MB4030 review


We Like

Long lasting

Attention to details

Very easy to use



We dont like

Annoying noise

Problem with buttons



Good quality product



Very afforable



Durability on high level but button problems may occur

Customer Reviews


Quite non problematic, good quality and really cheap product

Conclusion of Remington Contour MB4030 Review

In general, it is a top quality electric beard trimmer that doesn’t cost a lot compared to other trimmers with the same features. Even if there are a few complaints regarding the superiority of the trimmer, the MB4030 model outperforms others once you look at it in a price performance angle. This is a highly recommend product for those who can’t afford expensive products, but want to get quality results.

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