Remington MB6550 Vacum Beard – Review

remington mb6550 vacuum beard and grooming kit

If your facial hair is growing out, you don’t have to worry as there are essential amount of solutions available out there. The best thing you can do is to check out the new and state of the art Remington MB6550 Vacuum Beard available right now. This is a top notch product that is effective and provides quality performance for men who want to shave totally or just trim the existing facial hair. A lot of men are not aware of the super lightweight, rechargeable trimmer that is getting lots of positive reviews from many people just like you. Remington MB6550 discount link

Who could buy/benefit from Remington MB6550 Vacuum Beard and Grooming Kit?

The new MB6550 grooming kit from Remington is perfect for busy and style conscious men who like to cut the length as well as define the form of their beard.

The state of the art Remington MB6550 vacuum trimmer effectively sucks 80 to 90 percent of facial fallout thanks to its integrated vacuum technology. This works with dual vacuum attachment heads that offer a mess-free, precise and clean trim. Once this trimmer gathers enough hair, you just need to pop the vacuum chambers to empty or unfiled it. What is more, the vacuum chamber is so easy to clean.

Product Description of Remington MB6550 Vacuum Beard and Grooming Kit

remington mb6550 vacuum beardThe Remington MB6550 grooming kit is the latest innovation of beard trimmer packed with essential features. The integrated vacuum technology effectively sucks cut hair in order to keep the sink clean and mess free and prevent the stubble from getting trapped in the trimmer. It has a regular attachment head and 2 vacuum attachment heads for shaping and perfectly grooming your beard. The broad trimmer utilized with the comb add-on is ideal for cutting length as well as a managing thickness for a sculpted and even look.

The detail beard trimmer is ideal for shaping as well as detailing the mustache and goatee areas. The foil shaver gets rid of hair around your beard for a more defined look. With state of the art titanium blades, you will get the look you want effortlessly. The adjustable comb allows you to groom your beard with different styles and lengths. The best thing about this product is that it comes with a very handy storage case, which is ideal for men who travel a lot. This trimmer is lithium powered for 60 minutes use time, so when it is fully charged, you can utilize it on the move.

Remington MB6550 Vacuum Beard – Product Features

  • Vacuum Technology: This feature is able to suck up hairs during trim, leading to less mess as well as cleaner sinks.
  • Lithium Powered: Continuing performance
  • Vacuum Chamber: Easy and stress free to empty the chamber
  • Highly Developed Titanium Blades: Superb cutting performance on dense and long beards
  • Wide Comb and Trimmer: It allows you to effortlessly vary the length of the beard from thicker to thin.
  • Detail Trimmer: Built for shaping sideburn areas and around your chin
  • Small Screen Shaver: Built for cleanliness, smooth above and below your beard

Remington MB6550 have many Pros and few Cons

Like any other beard trimmers available out there, the Remington MB 6550 beard trimmer also has pros and cons.


  • Touch of Sophistication – With state of the art TST or Touch Screen Technology, the MB5669 is intended with a smart touch screen. With this feature, you can now control the style and with only one touch of the screen, you can choose the length of trim you want and the speed of cutting for total styling freedom.
  • This is Made for Perfection – Each element of this beard trimmer has been done with perfection, from motorized combs and blades up to the state of the art locking system.
  • Titanium Blades – The blades are coated with titanium that offers superb cutting function with each stroke and long lasting performance.
  • Lenght Settings – With a remarkable length setting, the smart motorized comb varies from .4 to 18 millimeters with elaborate 0.1 millimeter increase, offering total flexibility to get the appearance you want.
  • Style Icon – Adding up a touch of fashion to any comfort room, the state of the art Remington MB6550 beard trimmer boasts superior technology as well as performance and super modish design. The back panel provides comfortable handling and is easy to navigate.
  • Mobile Maintenance – The MB6550 comes with USB charging for complete flexibility, which allows you to charge the unit from your laptop and traditional plug socket for forty minutes wireless usage.
  • Very Effective and Reliable – The MB6550 is a very effective and reliable beard trimmer. It lessens cleaning time due to its no mess trimming method. The chamber is easy to clean without any fuss.
  • Unbreakable – Produced from good materials, it won’t be damaged at all even when it falls from your pocket.
  • Washable – The vacuum head is washable. This makes cleaning the unit easy for you.
  • Handy Case – For your convenience, this product comes with a handy storage case. So, you can carry this unit anywhere you go and no matter what you do.
  • Lots of Cutting Lenghts – The adjustable comb of this trimmer provides lots of cutting lengths. You can choose from two to sixteen millimeters. Remington MB6550 discount link

remington mb6550 reviewCons

  • Bulky Body –The body of this trimmer may seem a bit bulky to handle.
  • Low lenght of cutting – It could be hard to obtain close stubble cuts due to its lower length of cutting which is 2 millimeters.

Despite these drawbacks, the Remington MB6550 is still the most sought after beard trimmer available out there.

Remington MB6550 Parts and Accessories

You can easily purchase Remington MB6550’s parts and accessories from the leading grooming kit store online at a reasonable cost in uk and almost in all over the world.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

Out of many customers, almost 60 % of them rated the product with very good grade and the rest gave good and medium grade. This only shows how effective and reliable this product is.

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Remington MB6550- customer reviews 3.6 / 572%

Conclusion of Beard Trimmer Remington MB6550 Review

To sum up, the Remington MB6550 is a complete beard trimmer and grooming kit as it comes with 3 attachment heads, 4 fixed combs and one adjustable comb that allows you to cut and define the form of your beard with comfort. However, it comes with a high price range which makes it hard for some to purchase it. Visit the web to get the chance to buy this product for a reasonable rest.

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