Remington PG6030 Review – all in one grooming kit

remington pg6030 review

Beard trimmers are more popular at this point in time. While a lot of people prefer the shaving quality of an electric powered shaver or the relaxing and smooth procedure of utilizing a disposable razor or even a dual edge trimmer, the option for a lot of men went on a beard trimmer. Out of all the grooming kits available out there, the Remington PG6030 all in one grooming kit is considered as the king of the category and of course, not without reason. There are lots of reasons why Remington PG 6030 is considered by many as the best option for their daily grooming routine and reading this Remington PG 6030 will help you learn more about this product.

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Who Could Buy/Benefit from Remington PG 6030?

Do you have sensitive skin? Are you a busy person and don’t have time for self grooming? If so, the Remington PG 6030 is the best product for you. Remington PG 6030 is a very remarkable grooming kit equipped with essential features and comes with the handy storage kit that makes it ideal for people on the go. With this product, you can trim your beard anywhere and everywhere you want.

Remington PG6030 All In One Grooming Kit Description

It doesn’t matter if you are going for fashionable stubble or simply need to clear up your sideburns as the Remington PG 6030 grooming kit will help you keep looking good and smart as well as trim your beard to perfection. This state of the art bear cutter is coated with titanium, making it more durable. It has a self sharpening razor blade to catch the shortest hairs.

Remington PG 6030 groomer kit is a modern and sleek groomer that provides total versatility for all essential grooming requirements with different attachments and combs that keep styling under your control. This all in one grooming kit comes with dual handy comb attachments and the extended comb attachment enables you to comb and cut longer lengths of beard with comfort and ease, whilst the dedicated stubble combs attachments help you carefully cut shorter hair to get your desired look.

This beard trimmer comes with four additional attachments which include a broad cutter for sharp lines, mini-foil shaver, trim, shaver for fast clearing up as well as fine cutters for hard to reach area like your nose and eyebrows. The PG 6030 all in one grooming kit can be utilized for dry or wet shaving. It offers forty minutes of wireless usage time. It also comes with an ergonomic grip to give you a comfortable shaving experience. It also comes with a handy storage case that you can bring anywhere you want.

remington pg6030 all in one grooming kitProduct Features

It has titanium coated razor blades, 2 combs (2 to 24 millimeters) – 1 comb for long hair and 1 dedicated stubble comb attachment, 4 attachment heads for total versatility and wide cutter for accurate line. Place the comb onto this head or cut shave trimmer for a closer cut. Other essential features included in this product are:

  • Mini Foil Shaver: This is included for a cleaner or closer shave and fine trimmer for hard to reach areas like ear, nose and eyebrows.
  • Self Sharpening razor blades: This saves you time from changing the blades.
  • Rechargeable, Charging Stands: Fast and easy storage and charging
  • Forty minutes wireless usage time
  • Ergonomic grip for stress free using
  • Charger indicator light to know when the battery is full

Pros and Cons

The Remington PG 6030 all in one kit has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Speed and Fast Shaving – Shaving with Remington PG 6030 is faster compared to its razor counterpart. This trimmer is also faster than most electric shavers as it doesn’t touch your skin, so you can go a lot quicker without the risk of getting razor bumps and cutting yourself. The speed of this product is the first reason why a lot of men choose the Remington PG 6030.

Adjustability and Flexibility – With this product, you can regulate your facial hair as much as you want. You need a close shave or a longer beard? You like a sideburn or mustache? With the Remington PG 6030, you can do all that without the need of using any other accessories. With the conventional trimmer, you can just shave yourself. This trimmer allows you to adjust your beard to fit your personality.

Softness – After introducing the Remington PG 6030 inside your bathroom, your skin issues associated with shaving will vanish in no time. As a matter of fact, this trimmer doesn’t have any contact between the razor blades and your skin, thus it prevents the damage that typical trimmers normally do to your skin like bumps and burns.

Cheap – Indeed, the Remington PG 6030 is available at a very competitive price. This eliminates the need for replacement blades and heads or shaving foam. This trimmer itself is quite cheap. It’s no surprise that a lot of men keep one around, even though they don’t use it on a daily basis.

Cutting Options – Short and long, this trimmer comes with a dual handy comb attachment that allows you to cut long lengths of beards with ease. It comes with a stubble comb that helps you efficiently cut shorter facial hair to obtain the look that you want.


No main power – When the battery runs flat, you could not run this device straight off the main power. However, this can be addressed by recharging the battery.

Availibility of Remington PG6030 Charger and Spare Parts

Nowadays it is no problem with buying the charger or spare parts of this product. Even in biggest shop online in uk is available without any problems.

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Remington PG 6030Remington PG 6030 – Customer Reviews and Scores

Out of many beard trimmers available out there, the Remington PG 6030 received high scores and ratings from many customer reviews online. Here’s what many users stated about this product.

“This is incredibly cheap when you consider all that’s included. It’s a great looking kit and a good present idea that has all the add-ons you could possible want in a shaver.”

“This product looks like great value and in some respects it is. It comes with a range of accessories/attachments but the lack of quality lets it down. There is a very plasticky feel about the product and it is very light.”

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Remington PG6030- customer review 3.6/ 572%

Final Verdict of Remington PG6030 review

This product is one of the most sought after beard trimmers today. It works fast and effectively, the price is good, it is durable and comes with warranty. The Remington PG 6030 is a superb beard trimmer that men should not miss.

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