Remington R7150 titanium-x rotary shaver review, lower version of titanium family

The Remington R7150 draws from the titanium x-rotary shavers family. It has titanium coated trimmer blades. It is essentially a Black Diamond X – a product which holds expertise in shaving for over 75 years. The Remington X-Series is a collection of four rotary electric shavers.

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Why Remington R7150 black diamond x rotary shaver is good in terms of price to quality

The Remington R1750 has been designed for quite literally extreme precision. To add to its amazing design, it is sure to suit both your style and your wallet.

In terms of quality, it smartly combines unique coatings and Flex and Pivot Technology with the innovative Remington X-SYSTEM. Together this provides for an effortless, clean shave. This is how.

The Black Diamond-X Shaver, the range to which this R1750 belongs to is actually a premium design offering the deliverance of a breathtaking 400% better glide! With the diamond-like-carbon coating that has been applied to the tracks and is a similar material to diamonds, it gives a superior smooth shave with minimum irritation. It has great additional technical details in terms of ergonomic design, good weightage, plus an integrated pop up trimmer takes care of attention to detail areas, such as sideburns.

It is the best package deal available at a great price with superior quality in the rotary shaver segment.

Biggest Pros and Cons of Remington R7150 Titanium- X Rotary Electric Shaver


Best rated Black Diamond coated blades

The amazing and highest market rated Black Diamond coated blades forms the dual track and independent floating heads to deliver an exceptional shave experience.


Ergonomically designed and weighted

Definite ease of use due to its ergonomic design, it even has a rubberised black matt grip to ensure you are always in complete control. Also, it is perfectly weighted to ensure that the Close Shave Technology works its magic.


4 top technical features in 1 razor

The R7150 Titanium X has four brilliant technical feature working together:

  • X-SYSTEM 1: Self-Adjusting Pivot
    • A fully flexing neck adjusts automatically around the linears of the face for an extra smooth finish.
  • X-SYSTEM 2: Dual Close Cut Tracks
    • A dual track blade system incorporating 21 low profile cutters ensure quick and super efficient results.
  • X-SYSTEM 3: Multi-Flexing Heads
    • Three independently floating heads move with extreme precision in all directions for the ultimate contact on concave and convex areas of the face.
  • X-SYSTEM 4: Advanced Blade
    • Angle Blades are positioned at the optimum angle to deliver a fast, close, smooth shave with no irritation.

These work together to ensure the shavers maintain constant contact with the contours of your face and maximize accuracy and ease to deliver a fast, close and smooth result.


Looks and Travel Convenience

It has a digital LCD display to show how much usage time is charged on the shaver and the universal voltage – ideal for busy lifestyles and guys who travel. Here are some features that highlights this aspect:

  • Stylish looks
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Black Diamond blade coating increases lifespan
  • Washable
  • Brushing and Disassembly not required
  • Mains/rechargeable
  • 90 mins charging time
  • 5min Quick Charge
  • Up to 60 mins usage time
  • Universal voltage
  • Comes with a charging stand a travel pouch!

Needs time to get used to

While the three floating heads are one of the best selling points of the R7150, some users find them uncomfortable and confusing. They have mentioned having been caught off guard by the “clunky” movement of the heads.


Remington offers better options

Loyal Remington users also comment that while this model is a current one, they prefer older versions in terms of performance and user friendliness.

Availability of Remington R7150 replacement head and spares is quite good.

For every Remington R7150 Shaver, you are assured of getting premier quality spares and replacement head when you require. Replacing parts with Remington Shaver Spares is a user friendly and very easy process. Users have reported that the items are competitively priced and delivered quickly. It has always met all customer expectations!

Remington offers a very versatile service to obtain its spares and replacement head.

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Customer review on Remington R7150 to give you the exact feeling

“I have used Remington shavers for many years, and I guess I must be on about my fourth currently which is a Remington R7150. In appearance the Black Diamond razor is attractive. It is ergonomically efficient and feels good in the hand.”

“Having been on the last few days of a holiday, I had rather idly neglected to shave for a while so had 3-4 days of unsightly stubble to deal with. Now I have had electric razors which would have struggled here and even rather painfully caught the hairs and jammed up. However, the R7150 just took it all in its stride and the shave quality was superb. I have always thought it was perceived wisdom that no electric razor would ever give quite as smooth a shave as a manual razor with soap and water, but I take that back, as I doubt the result could have been bettered.”

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Remington R7150 customer reviews 4.0 / 5

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Summary for Remington R7150 review


We Like

Ergonomic design

Travel Convenience



We dont like

Not as High-Tech actually



Not modern product



Too expensive for that kind of product



Durability on quite high level

Customer Reviews


Customers are quite happy

Remington R7150 quite good choice and for sure not overpriced

Overall, the Remington R7150 is clearly a great choice and priced just right and is extremely pocket friendly. A great travel companion as well as a sure shot success for quick, clean shaves, it is by far one of the smartest personal care products in the market today. Coming from the house of Remington it is a product, you should definitely go for if you are looking to be the well groomed, smart man.

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