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Remington Products, most popularly known as Remington, is a worldwide personal care corporation which manufactures shavers, epilators, and haircare products for men and women. It is a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands. The origin of Remington personal care products dates back to 1937 when they started with the electric shaver, Remington Model E. So today, with over 78 years of experience, Remington continues to cater to a growing market of personal care products and is especially known for its shavers for men. A Remington Shaver is the best a man can have.

Besides the advantage of knowing the market for so long and so well, Remington Electric Shavers also presents a huge range of products. There are two kinds of technology used in shavers- The rotary blade technology and the foil technology; Remington Electric Shavers offer both. Experts and users both share that foil shavers are best used on straight fine to normal hair growth with not much growth on the neck. If you have thicker/coarse hair that grows in different directions, a rotary shaver would suit you better.

Remington Shavers have two series based on the above mentioned technology.

The rotary blade shavers have a series of circular cutters attached. Typically, three rotating blades placed in a triangular pattern. To get the best shave, you will have to move the shaver across your face in slow, rotating movements – almost as if you were applying a nice skin tonic. This is the Remington R Series (Rotary) shavers.

The shavers using foil blades provide a quick, no-nonsense shave without causing any skin irritation. This shaver features two foil-covered blades that flex to either side as you move the device over your facial curves. This is the Remington F Series (Foil) of shavers.

Remington Shavers have a very good line for performance while saving money on your pocket book. They are not like Braun Shavers, Panasonic or Philips Shavers razors with their high end premium razors, but Remington does have some good shavers for the price. A Remington Shaver still to this day is one of the go to electric razors for men due to the cost and efficiency of the shaver.


To understand the range that Remington Shavers offer, let us briefly review three of their top line products the REMINGTON ELECTRIC SHAVERS F 3800, F 7800 and XR 1350.

remington F3800The F3800 offers a dual foil with independently flexing foils. It is rechargeable giving up to 40 mins of usage time and 16 hours charging time with a charging indicator light. It also features a pop-up trimmer and an anti slip grip. Its cheapest choice within area of Remington Shavers UK, users found the Remington F3800 to be the rightly priced. However, one may have to invest in an adapter as it has a European style twin prong plug requirement.

F 3800 - Shave Quality55%
F 3800 - Appearance45%
F 3800 - Price98%
F 3800 - customer review 76%

Remington f7800The Remington F7800 is known for more reasons than one. It is considered one of the most powerful Foil shavers in the market and it is marketed by Remington as the Titanium-X Foil Shaver too. Having a Dual Foil with intercept trimmer it boasts of using the Flex & Pivot Technology – Independently flexing foils, Pivoting head and can be used through Mains as well as Rechargeable. With up to 60 mins usage time, 120 mins charging time and the option of a 5 mins quick charge it comes with a Pop up trimmer. Its USP lies in having Titanium coated trimmer blades. Besides this it also has an LCD display, is washable has a rubberised anti-slip grip and subject to universal voltage. The product comes with a charging stand and a travel pouch. At an medium price in Remington Shavers UK, this is definitely a high end premium product. Users have stated that it fits well in the hand, the head is presented at a good angle and shaving is a relatively quick experience and gives a closer shave than all other foil shavers. It’s easy to keep clean and replacement parts aren’t too expensive. On the down side you’ll need to take the charge cable with you on holiday, can’t use it when flat and the beard trimmer does not appear to work well.

F 7800 - Shave Quality75%
F 7800 - Appearance73%
F 7800 - Price48%
F 7800 - customer review 84%

Remington XR1350The Reminton XR1350 is at the current one of the most expensive option within the Remington Shavers UK. It is also marketed as the HyperFlex Plus Rotary Shaver boasts of using HyperFlex technology which combines flexing heads with an innovative rotary neck, which gently flexes by 360° for complete flexibility of movement. Adjusting to the contours and curves of your face, it minimises pressure and irritation. With PrecisionUltra cutters, ActiveContour XL heads and Dual Track blades it is also 100% waterproof thus suitable for wet/dry usage. Lithium powered and rechargeable, it has 90 mins of charging time, 5 mins quick charge and upto 60 mins of usage time coming with an LED display to track. With a ComfortTrim detail trimmer, it follows universal voltage and comes with a charging stand, a travel pouch and a 2 year guarantee. Users have pointed out that it is quick charging and once charged it stays for a week with the LED charge-remaining indicator being very clear. The pop up trimmer works very well and the shaving head seems sturdy and has a shallow internal profile that makes cleaning easy. Shaving in parts it is very close and smooth, but the flexing head makes it difficult to apply even pressure, leaving a patchy shave. To get a uniformly close shave takes time, you have to keep revisiting missed areas of stubble. With practice you’d of course be able to handle it better and achieve the perfect shave at one go.

XR 1350 - Shave Quality81%
XR 1350 - Appearance78%
XR 1350 - Price37%
XR 1350 - customer review 82%

The above three reviews would have shed light on the design and caliber of Remington Shavers.


When you buy a Remington Shaver, you are also assured of being able to get spares when you require. Replacing parts with Remington Shaver Spares is an easy process as per the users and items found to be competitively priced and delivered quickly. It met all expectations and they mentioned they would look to the same supply again when needed. Remington offers a very versatile service to obtain its spares. The website for instance lists categories for the Remington Shaver Spares as Men’s Groomer, Men’s Rotary Shaver, Men’s Foil Shaver etc. In addition it also offers a phone number for assistance on the same. Besides this Remington Shaver Spares are also listed specifically and separately on the same page. So you can buy a Remington Shaver knowing it is a worthwhile investment.

To conclude, it may be worthwhile to quote the Remington tagline. It indeed is “How the world gets ready”. Remington Shavers have been part of our lives making men look good since 1937 and is pretty much here to stay.

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