Remington XR 1330,1350,1370 and 1390 rotary shaver reviews

Remington XR rotary shaver review

Why Remington XR shaver is good choice in terms of price to quality

Remington’s new hyper series XR shavers feature flexing Dual track PrecisionPlus™ shaving heads that smoothly cut long hair and stubble for an ultra close and comfortable shave every time. Its new HyperFlex™ Technology allows the entire head to adjust to any angle on the face to help reduce irritation. The lithium power drives high energy and torque to deliver 40 minutes of cordless shaving.

It comes with HyperFlex™ Technology, ActiveContour XL™, PrecisionPlus™ Heads. It is powered by Lithium Power with a 40 Minute Runtime and boasts of a ComfortTrim™ Trimmer. To top it off, it is WetTech™ suited for Wet/Dry Use. Complete with a Charging / Low Battery Indicator and a Travel-Friendly Charge Stand, this is a series you can be confident is a great choice in terms of quality. Price wise too, it is way more reasonably priced than other competitors in the market while carrying the trusted start Remington branding.

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remington xr1370 hyperflex pro

Biggest Pros and Cons of Remington XR series


TwinTrack Blades – Two tracks of shaving blades for maximum skin contact.

ActiveContour™ XL – 50% more contour keeps the heads in close contact with skin on the neck and chin.

ComfortTrim Detailer – Skin-friendly pop-up trimmer details sideburns and any facial hair style.

Low Battery/Charging Indicator – Lets you know when your battery is getting low and when your shaver is charging.

Charge Stand – Displays the shaver when charging and protects it when storing or traveling.


Needs careful handling – Users have reported easy breakage and that cleaning it of the hair requires exquisitely careful maneuvers.

Takes a while to get used to – It is recommended that you use your new shaver daily for up to four weeks to allow time for your beard and skin to become accustomed to the new shaving system.

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Remington XR 1330 most popular and famous product

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Remington XR 1330 rotary shaver reviewTechnology & Customer Review

The HyperFlex shaver from Remington, the Remington XR 1330 is specially designed to ensure closer, more efficient shaving. With a new and improved pivoting and flexing head, it follows the contours of the face to get even the most stubborn stubble without catching the skin. This ensures absolutely no nicks and cuts while giving you the best shave ever at the same time.

It also has an improved cutter technology for a more comfortable shave, wet or dry. This is at present one of its greatest strength in terms of market value and user satisfaction. Being Lithium powered for longer lasting performance and battery longevity – it gives you 50 minutes of use after 90 minutes of charging in its own stand. This means even in the remotest areas and during camping trips, it covers your shaving needs at its best.

Being a cordless shaver for total flexibility, this takes care that you’re not tied to the spot while you shave- once again a great plus point for travel times. The HyperFlex not only delivers even better shaving performance, but also causes less skin irritation.

All of the above makes Remington XR 1330 the most popular and famous product.

Customer Reviews:

Right from the get go this looks like a high quality product. Out of the box it is sleek and easy to hold in the hand. It proved extremely quick and easy to charge. It was also very easy to use, providing a close and long lasting shave. It is responsive and moulds to the face in precisely the right way. There was no pulling or tugging and shaving was a painless experience. A high quality and useful razor which I would highly recommend.”

The Remington XR1330 is capable of an extremely close shave, similar to using a razor. The swivel action (it glides with the contours of the face) is the best on the market (I’ve tried dozens). It looks and feels like more than just a budget shaver and is worth the price (which seems to vary from £60-150).

The only minor issue I have is the casing – it feels cheap. A rubber skin would have been a nice touch. The hard plastic shell feels like it could crack if dropped. It does not feel particularly robust. However, this is made up for, by other assets. The shape of the Remington in the hand is an example of ergonomics done right. It is just so comfortable to use.

The shaver comes charged so it can be used out of the box, but of course it’s always best to give it an initial charge before use.

The ‘hoover’ like effect is its best feature. Nothing seems to land in the sink or on the floor. You simply empty the hair after use.

The charging unit does what it should and works quickly, in an hour it’s ready to go.

The flip-out sideburn cutter is a neat addition.

Little to fault about this item”

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Remington XR 1330- customer review 3.9 / 578%

Remington XR 1350 hyperflex pro electric shaver review

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Remington XR 1330 rotary shaver reviewTechnology & differences with others & customers review

The Remington XR1350 HyperFlex Advanced Rotary Shaver has all the latest features and technology. Like in XR 1300, you will get a skin-friendly shave from the ComfortTrim trimmer, while its WetTech technology gives you freedom to shave in the shower or at the sink with gel or foam.

HyperFlex and Active Contour XL give the shaver head the ability to adjust to most any angle while shaving to make close contact with skin on the neck and chin. Precision Plus Heads, slots and holes comfortably shave both long hairs and short stubble with ease. Long-lasting lithium power allows for better battery life and a quick re-charge. In addition, this HyperFlex Advanced Remington wet and dry shaver has an ultra-quiet motor for your convenience.

Remington XR1350 HyperFlex Advanced Rotary Shaver thus has three brilliant technological pros:

  • Electric rotary shaver with ultra-quiet motor
  • ComfortTrim trimmer
  • WetTech technology

Customer Review in comparison with other shavers

“My husband has been using the Philips Norelco 1280X/47 SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor with Jet Clean System (Series 8000) for a little more than a year now, and has come to prefer the rotary shaver experience. He finds it not only closer, but far more comfortable and less prone to causing irritation or cuts, even as the shaver ages a bit.

This Remington doesn’t feel as solid–lighter weight and a lot more plastic–but performed pretty well in a head-to-head or, face-to-face as it were, comparison. Not quite as close as the higher-priced Norelco, but probably not something you’d notice if you weren’t feeling cheek-to-cheek results. The natural circular rhythm of this is smooth, with no tearing or irritation, UNLESS you happen to move it in the wrong direction (counter-clockwise), which can result in some red spots. “

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Remington XR 1350- customer review 3.8 / 576%

Remington XR1370 review, more tools and technology

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Remington XR 1370 rotary shaver reviewAlong with the technology of XR 1300, the Remington XR 1370 has the following features:

XR1370 is truly a skin friendly shaver. It is specifically designed to tackle tough hairs and eliminate skin irritation. The Precision Plus Heads are an improvised technology vying for the label of finest innovation in the shaver market. With an ergonomic design sure to reach difficult areas, a flexible rotary neck and a twin track blade system, this is sure to give you a great shave.

Remington XR1370 however is the superstar of this series with an integrated head that can twist and turn at the base while the three independent cutting heads have the ability to float and flex in and out independently with exemplary dexterity and respond to the contours of your face. The ability to flex the heads individually, allows maximum reach into difficult areas like the chin and neck area.

Besides this all the other features of the XR series remain thus ensuring a huge plus!

Customer Review in comparison with other shavers

“Though the XR1370 may not promise a similar shaving experience of the high-end shavers, (like the best of Philip Norelco), it is surely a step up for Remington, helping to bridge the gap between it, and some of the best Norelco and Braun shavers. For irritation free shaving this is an alternative to high-end shavers, Those of you looking for great features and performance in the price range of $70-100, might just find it here. This is a shaver that will assure you gentle shaves.

This shaver is created for all types of hair. However, if you have a very heavy and thick beard and don’t want to take chances we would recommend you to check other shavers like the Philip Norelco Sensotouch 3D/1250 (review) which rightly holds the mantle of one the best Rotary shavers on the market.”

Remington XR 1370- customer review 3.8 / 576%

Remington XR1390 newest and most expensive from XR series

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Remington XR 1370 rotary shaver reviewThe Remington XR 1390 is marketed as the Remington Verso.

Besides the usual features of this series, it boasts of the addition of the click-on Grooming Styler, a convenient attachment which takes care of your entire beard trimming, shaping and styling needs. With an adjustable comb ranging from 2-6mm, you can select the length that’s right for you. Or for closer stubble, remove the comb entirely for 0.4mm precision.

The full Technological listing is as follows!

  • HyperFlex technology
  • Grooming styler with adjustable comb for versatile trimming and styling your facial hair: 0.4mm (without comb), 2 – 6mm (with comb)
  • PrecisionUltra Cutters
  • ActiveContour XL heads – 50% more contour*, each shaving head adjusts to the contours of your face
  • Dual Track blades
  • 100% waterproof for wet/dry usage
  • Lithium powered
  • Rechargeable
  • 90 mins charging time
  • 5 mins quick charge
  • Up to 60 mins usage time
  • LED screen
  • ComfortTrim – rounded edge pop up trimmer
  • Travel lock
  • Universal voltage
  • Charging stand
  • Travel pouch

With features like that, it is no wonder it is the most sought after, premium priced rotary shaver from the Remington stable!

Customer Review

“The ‘Remington XR1390 Hyperflex Verso Shaver’ is a very good looking shaver. Its black (with a little silver), its curvy, its ergonomically designed and with red LED numbers depicting minutes of shaving time left it is certainly an attention seeker.

The click on Grooming Attachment is a definite winner! Attachment with adjustable comb, (2 – 6mm with comb and 0.4mm without comb) I have been able to trim his beard short and then keep the sides of my face extremely smooth with the rotary shaver which is designed to micro cut long and short hairs in just a few strokes meaning less pulling and dragging of the skin.

The Remington Hyperflex Verso Shaver is absolutely 100% waterproof and a great travel companion for me.

So to sum up … A quality shaver from the top end of the market”

Remington XR 1390- customer review 4.1 / 582%

Availability of Remington XR1330, XR1350, XR1370, XR1390 replacement heads and spares is quite good.

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When you buy a Remington XR1330 Shaver, you can rest assured of being able to get spares when you require. Replacing parts with Remington Shaver Spares is an easy process as per the users and items found to be competitively priced and delivered quickly. It has always met all customer expectations and they mentioned they would look to the same supply again when needed.

Remington offers a very versatile service to obtain its spares. The website for instance lists categories for the Remington Shaver Spares as Men’s Groomer, Men’s Rotary Shaver, Men’s Foil Shaver etc. In addition it also offers a phone number for assistance on the same. Besides this Remington Shaver Spares are also listed specifically and separately on the same page and have been reviewed by customers to be very good!

So you can buy a Remington Shaver knowing it is a worthwhile investment.

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Remington XR are competitor of really premium shavers.

Remington XR is now in the market to be the most amazing competitor! With cutting edge technology and rave customer reviews as well as constantly improvising on their product, they are here with a bang. Their top class client servicing and prompt responses are a thing to rely on and with great spares, Remington XR is just going to prove what their tag line has always boasted: It indeed is “How the world gets ready”. Remington Shavers have been part of our lives making men look good since 1937 and is pretty much here to stay now in the premium shaver market niche.

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